Are Compact Phones Still Popular in the Philippines?

Are Compact Phones Still Popular in the Philippines?

Are compact phones, specifically ones with small displays, still have that “it” factor in 2024 in the Philippines? We checked the best devices we can share and dug deeper into why most brands seemingly aren’t keen on producing compact phones nowadays.

Smartphones are releasing like hotcakes in 2024, as we get multiple monthly releases. Many of them have something in common: they roughly have the same screen size. Many of those released in the past year have been between 6.6 to 6.8 inches, with very few exceptions which we’ll list below.

Smartphones with the Smallest Displays in the Philippines (2024)

These phones are currently available on the market and have a display size of less than 6.5 inches.

Brand Model Display (inches) Price (Php) Shop
Apple iPhone 14 6.1 40,990 Buy Now
Apple iPhone 15 6.1 47,890 Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S24 6.2 53,990 Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE 6.4 28,990 Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S23 6.1 39,121 Buy Now
realme realme 11 4G 6.4 12.999 Buy Now


Samsung and Apple are the few brands that still make compact phones available in the Philippines for 2024. These upper mid-tier and flagship devices, the S23, the S23 FE, and the S24, as well as the iPhone 14 and 15 all offer compact sizes that are great for those who want a small phone. The only outlier is the realme 11 4G, which is a budget mid-range device. 

There seem to be many reasons why consumers do not want compact phones anymore and instead lean onto the standard display size, or even bigger in some cases. First, most users now consume content on their mobile devices. A small device would mean minuscule details on those K-dramas or reels one watches when they’re on their lunch break or traveling home, and a larger display would mean a more immersive experience for your eyes.

Second, the market for smaller phones is decreasing with the advancement of software technologies. Apple used to offer mini versions of their iPhones with 5.4-inch displays but has discontinued the product since the iPhone 14 series. realme, on the other hand, offered the GT Master Edition in 2021, combining a 6.43-inch display, a compact phone profile, and powerful hardware at mid-range pricing in its time. The realme 11 4G is the brand’s current compact phone offering. 

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