Adonit Writer Plus for the iPad (Case and Keyboard) Review

Adonit Writer Plus for the iPad (Case and Keyboard) Review

Adonit Writer Plus for the iPad

Adonit Writer Plus for the iPad

The Adonit Writer Plus is a superb take on what an iPad case with a built-in bluetooth keyboard should be. It’s made from quality materials, flexible, has the smart cover function, and it has one of the most ergonomic bluetooth keyboards. After playing with this unit for the last week, We daresay that this is one of the best cases in this category in the market today.


The problem with most cases like this one is that the keyboard is there regardless if you need it or not. That’s not a problem for the Adonit Writer Plus since the keyboard is actually detachable. You just have to pull it out to remove in and slide it in via the dock to put it back in. If you take the keyboard out the case becomes much lighter and a bit thinner.

The case closed
The keyboard. We'll talk about this more later though 😀
No need for the keyboard yet? Slide it out!

The actual case itself looks amazing. They used felt-type material for the interior to give it a premium feel. The outer part accumulates dirt quickly though so you might want to clean it every now and then. The material used for the front reminds me a lot of the first generation iPad case (the black one). You can prop the iPad up with or without the keyboard in place.

Another cool thing about this case is how easy it is to put the iPad in and out of it. There’s some sort of quick press tab at the top which will let you clip it in or pop the iPad out. Quite ingenious considering it almost always a chore getting an iPad in and out of good cases these days.

The Keyboard

And now we come to the main highlight of this case — the bluetooth keyboard. Adonit does an excellent job with the keyboard because they did their best to pattern it to the keyboards you find on MacBooks. Everything from the color scheme to the chicklet-like keys, and the aluminum finish makes it a remarkable portable keyboard. They also integrated several buttons of the iPad into the keyboard itself like volume control and lock.

They keys are spaced well and you get the satisfying tactile sound (click) each time you press on the keys. This is something you don’t get with the rubber bluetooth keyboards that are proliferating in the market today.

Pricing, Availability, and Verdict

The Adonit Writer Plus sells for Php4,990. It’s definitely a bit expensive for a case but we think it’s worth the investment given that you’re getting beautiful folio type case and an ergonomic bluetooth keyboard. In fact we’ll take it a step further by saying that other than the actual Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, we think that the Adonit Writer Plus has the best bluetooth keyboard for the iPad to date.

The Adonit Writer Plus is available in Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box stores.



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