Huawei Watch Unboxing: The Most Luxurious Smartwatch You Can Buy

Huawei Watch Unboxing: The Most Luxurious Smartwatch You Can Buy

Huawei Mate Watch 03

The smartwatch that you’ll be proud to wear on your wrist

We’ve been jonesing for a chance to play with Huawei’s first Android Wear smartwatch, simply called, the Watch, for a long time now. We can’t help it – press renders of the device and actual photos of it in the wild show a very, very premium looking smartwatch, a far cry from the offerings of its rivals. Huawei’s Watch is probably the only smartwatch that can stand up alongside regular timepieces without sticking out like a sore thumb. Today, we’re fortunate to have a review unit of Huawei’s first Android wear device to unbox. Let’s start.

Huawei Mate Watch 12

Packaging and contents

Most people think that if they’ve seen one unboxing, they’ve seen it all. We’re inclined to agree, but not in the Huawei Watch’s case. The Chinese company has pulled out all the stops to convey to customers that they’ve bought a watch first, and a gadget second with their newest wearable.

Huawei Mate Watch 13

Huawei Mate Watch 14

It starts with the hard, outer shell that protects the retail box, printed simply with Huawei Watch. The actual box lies inside, and is one of the swankiest boxes we’ve ever seen for any gadget, and is more in line with the packaging of a high-end watch than with a tech product.

Open the box up, and you’ll see pleather surrounding the watch and the words “Timeless design, Smart within” written in gold on the lid. The watch itself sits on a pleather cushion. Once you lift the watch off of the box, you’ll see the user manual, wireless charging port and USB cable.

Huawei Mate Watch 01

Huawei has stressed many times that they’re trying to position their smartwatch along the same line as the offerings of high-end watchmakers, and the packaging that surrounds their Android wearable is proof of that.

Huawei Mate Watch 02

Initial Impressions: the best looking smartwatch in the market today

We’ll say it upfront: Huawei’s Watch is possibly the nicest looking smartwatch we’ve seen yet – even nicer than Samsung’s Gear S2. The Huawei Watch puts a premium on design, and it doesn’t disappoint – instead of going with funky, more modern designs, the Huawei Watch sports a more traditional look that feels right at home on the wrist of a high-power executive.

Huawei Mate Watch 09

Just like the smartwatches of other companies, Huawei’s watch comes in different color and strap configurations. Our review unit was a handsome black that came with a matching, stainless steel strap, though it could also be had with a leather strap as well. If you get tired of the strap your Huawei Watch comes with, you can change it out with a regular watch strap if you so choose.

Huawei Mate Watch 08

Going back to the design of the watch, Huawei has spared no expense in the creation of their newest wearable. The case of the watch is made out of cold-forged 316L stainless steel for added strength and has bevelled edges. A single button lies on the two-o’clock position that wakes up the display and serves as the power button.

Huawei Mate Watch 05

The watch is 42mm in diameter, though it is a little on the thick side, at 11mm thickness. While the Huawei Watch looks great on our wrists, people with more slender wrists may not like how it looks on theirs. Flip the watch on its back and you’ll see the exposed connectors for the charging port and the heartbeat sensor.

Huawei Mate Watch 10

The display is a 1.4-inch AMOLED display that’s very, very bright. It’s touch sensitive since you’ll be doing most of your navigating through it by swiping left, right, up and down as Android Wear requires. The Huawei Watch comes with multiple watch faces so you can pick one that best suits you and you can download more from Google’s Play Store.

Huawei Mate Watch 11

What’s nice about the Huawei Watch is that it seamlessly connects to both Android and iOS devices. It pairs via Bluetooth, and you just need to download the Android Wear app and you’re good to go.

Huawei Mate Watch 06

Our review of the Huawei Watch is far from over, but right now we can already tell you it’s the nicest smartwatch we’ve ever used from any manufacturer. Huawei will be launching their watch on December 7, with the Classic Variant going for Php 19,990 and Active Black variant going for Php 24,990. Pre-order for the Huawei Watch begins on December 1. 



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