Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Philippines

Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Philippines

Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Philippines Verdict: Infinix has pushed the envelope further with the NOTE 30 VIP in the Philippines as far as specs-to-price ratio is concerned. While Infinix still needs to catch up when it comes to software, the NOTE 30 VIP stands out by making both fast wired and wireless charging an accessible feature at the lucrative under Php 15k price segment.


-Stable temps with both fast wired and wireless charging

-AMOLED display unlike its other siblings

-Incredible performance from the Dimensity 8050


-Barely useful depth and AI cameras

-Lots of preinstalled bloatware

Infinix wants to cement itself as the new king of value in the Philippines: if the NOTE 30 5G was already great, the VIP version is a notch above by incorporating vastly faster wired AND wireless charging speeds while keeping the rest of the spec sheet as balanced as possible. As the top-end variant of the NOTE 30 series, is the VIP version a winner in the under Php 15k segment?


Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Philippines: Design

Being part of the same series, the NOTE 30 VIP looks similar to the NOTE 30 5G. The noticeable differences between the two are the rearranged camera flash location, a regular power button for the VIP model, and a slightly more compact size. There’s no leather back option on the NOTE 30 VIP, but you do get a glass back. Aside from being slightly more compact, the NOTE 30 VIP is lighter than the NOTE 30 5G by 15g.

Like the more affordable 5G version, the NOTE 30 VIP comes with JBL-tuned stereo speakers, along with a headphone jack, USB-C port, and flat frame sides. You also get a 5000mAh battery on the NOTE 30 VIP, but it comes with significant upgrades when it comes to charging speeds–more on that later.


Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Philippines: Display and speakers

While Infinix reverted to an IPS panel for the regular NOTE 30 models to maintain an under Php 10k price point, we’re glad to see the VIP version get a 120hz AMOLED display. Unlike most phones in its price segment that have an AMOLED display, the NOTE 30 VIP has an in-display fingerprint scanner to make it more premium than the competition.

As for the display itself, it seems that Infinix is using a better AMOLED panel on the NOTE 30 VIP compared to previous NOTE models. We noticed that the display is brighter compared to any of the previous-generation NOTE 12 series–proof that Infinix is being more aggressive in packing top-notch components on its phones at a cutthroat price.

The great display of the NOTE 30 VIP complements well with those JBL-tuned stereo speakers: we love how they sound on the regular NOTE 30 models, and they offer the same quality of audio fidelity on the VIP version.


Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Philippines: Cameras

Save for the 108-megapixel main camera and 32-megapixel selfie, Infinix chose to not give emphasis on camera performance with the NOTE 30 VIP–especially with those filler cameras accompanying the main snapper.

Don’t get us wrong: while both the main camera and selfie camera are decent for their price point, it’s clear that Infinix is going for an approach similar to the Pocophone F1 where the main priority is giving an aggressive price-to-performance ratio.

Because of the NOTE 30 VIP’s processor of choice, the 108-megapixel main camera can shoot videos in 4K, making it one of the few under Php 15k phones in 2023 to actually offer said camera feature.


Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Philippines: Internals and Battery Life

Aside from leading the pack by having 12GB RAM onboard, the other major upgrade on the NOTE 30 VIP is its use of a Dimensity 8050 processor–which is the new name of the Dimensity 1300. We’re familiar with the performance of the 6nm upper mid-range processor, and it’s a feat for Infinix to use this chip on an under Php 15k phone.

In benchmark tests alone, the NOTE 30 VIP’s overall performance can match or even beat phones priced at Php 20k and above, making it the best Infinix phone to date as far as price-to-performance is concerned. It’s also a performer with games as well, as the Dimensity 8050 is powerful enough to run Genshin Impact at very high graphics without any hiccups.

Like other Infinix devices, one of the downsides of the NOTE 30 VIP is the amount of bloatware preinstalled out of the box. While you can uninstall some of them, we still hope that Infinix finds a way to streamline its XOS UI to be more polished and have less unnecessary software preinstalled. Aside from giving it a cleaner overall look, having less bloatware also helps in making the phone more efficient in utilizing both RAM and internal storage.

Outside of its incredible performance, the other key highlight of the NOTE 30 VIP is that it has both 68w wired charging and 50w wireless charging–a combination that’s completely unheard of in the under Php 15k segment. Having fast wireless charging sets the NOTE 30 VIP apart from the competition, as it’s clear that Infinix wants to make features that are normally found on high-end devices to be available on more affordable ones.

While we don’t have a 50w wireless charger to test the NOTE 30 VIP’s maximum wireless charging speeds as of writing this review, we tried the 15w charging pad that was included with our review unit. the NOTE 30 VIP was able to maximize the maximum speed of the wireless charging pad we used, with both devices not heating up too much–proof that Infinix is serious about safe fast charging speeds when it unveiled its AllRound FastCharge solutions.


Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Philippines: Wrap-up and Conclusions

If the regular NOTE 30 phones are already great at their under Php 10k price point, Infinix takes things a step further with the VIP version–this time at the Php 15k segment. Having a 120hz AMOLED display and a powerful processor are the usual tactics to make mid-range phones competitive, and the NOTE 30 VIP stands out for its class-leading charging speeds in BOTH wired and wireless.

Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Review Price Philippines

The NOTE 30 VIP is priced at Php 13,999 and is available on Infinix’s TikTok ShopLazada, and Shopee.



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