One month with the DITO Mobile FLEXPlan 888

One month with the DITO Mobile FLEXPlan 888

DITO has been expanding its suite of services across the Philippines over the past few months, and after initially offering prepaid plans to the public, the company has aggressively expanded into the postpaid space as well with its new Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans. DITO gave us a chance to take their FLEXPlan 888 for a spin for about a month, and we’re pretty happy with it so far.

Before we get into the thick of it, let’s talk about the plans themselves. DITO is offering two versions of their FLEXPlan to consumers: a handset plan that comes with a Samsung phone, or a SIM-only plan that doesn’t include a phone. For our test, we got to test the SIM-only FLEXPlan 888.

Looking at the offerings of DITO compared to its two rivals, it’s obvious, you’re getting a lot more for your money with them. Looking at equivalent plans from both Globe and Smart, DITO has, by far, the most generous data allocation at 40GB (with an additional 20GB of 5G data per month). All three telcos offer unli all-net calls and texts. And while both Smart and Globe offer unli 5G data, it’s for a limited time only (12 months for Smart and 6 months for Globe). I would rather go for the 20GB of add-on data for 5G from DITO since that’s going to be with you until you decide to go with another plan or provider. DITO also offers a year’s worth of Prime Video Subscription with all postpaid plans.

DITO also gives you additional bonuses when you apply for their SIM-only plans. If you enroll in their Advance Pay program, you can get as much as a 40% discount for your plan. You can also easily move over your existing number via Mobile Number Portability (MNP) when you apply for any DITO FLEXPlans as well. And if you fail to use up your mobile data allocation for the month (which is likely because 40GB of data is a LOT for 1 month), DITO implements data rollover, so you’ll end up with even more the following month.

DITO's SIM-only FLEXPlans
DITO’s SIM-only FLEXPlans

Aside from the SIM-only plans, DITO also offers a plethora of handset plans ranging from the Samsung Galaxy A05 which is free for FLEXPlan 588, Samsung Galaxy A04, which is free for FLEXPlan 888, to Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is free for FLEXPlan 1288. Other premium phones include the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Samsung Galaxy S23.

The devices that DITO offers for their FLEXPlans that has a free device

As for us, we tested DITO’s FLEXPlan 888 with a Samsung Galaxy S23 for a large chunk of the test, though DITO’s network works perfectly fine with other phones as well. We slotted in and tested the nano SIM card that comes with the plan into Xiaomi’s 13T Pro and an ASUS ROG Phone 7 Ultimate just to be sure, and speeds between the three phones were around the same ballpark, give or take 5Mbps or so.

So how was our time with DITO’s postpaid plan? In one word: fantastic. DITO has made significant headway in beefing up its network infrastructure in the Metro, and I rarely found myself in places that did not have a signal for DITO. While the company is still improving its 5G network all over strategic areas in Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces, I was surprised to see that I had a 5G signal in areas that I did not expect, including Rizal and Cebu when I flew there for work.

Most of my time is spent at home, the office, and either BGC or Makati covering events for work, and for that the DITO FLEXPlan 888 was perfect. I never had a major drop in signal, and the phone spent most of its time in 5G. The places where it did switch to 4G were also areas where Smart didn’t have a signal (my line is Smart) and even then the speeds that I got for the DITO FLEXPlan line were pretty fast as far as 4G goes.

Speaking of speeds, I typically get download speeds of around 450 to 550Mbps according to the Opensignal App, which is very impressive. Those speeds come in handy when I have to go to events and meetings since I typically download quite a lot of assets and photos for the pitches I have to do for work. Upload speeds usually hovered around 50Mbps which is what you’d typically get from 5G in the Philippines no matter the provider. That’s plenty fast for YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok uploads which is what I’ve been using for the past month.

As for call quality, I’ve not once had a call drop when calling someone over the cellular network, and call quality has been top-notch.

I am very impressed with DITO’s postpaid offering so far, and as the company rolls out even more improvements to its network you can expect their 5G coverage to extend far beyond Manila to the provinces. Aside from all the inclusions that I already mentioned earlier, DITO also makes it extremely easy to apply for their mobile FLEXPlans. You can apply through a DITO Experience store, of which more and more are being opened every day. If you’re pressed for time, you can apply via the DITO App or DITO’s website here.

If you’ve been looking into switching from another network to DITO, then I can tell you that the third telco is very legit. I haven’t had any issues with their network at all during my time with them, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed the fast download speeds I’m getting with their 5G network. Of course, that’s my experience, and signal quality plays a huge part in it. If you want to see if the areas you frequently go to have a good DITO signal before making the switch, you can buy a prepaid SIM first (their prepaid network is also 5G enabled) to make sure. As for me, I’m seriously considering switching to my now decades-old number over to DITO, as their FLEXPlan 888 offering is hard to beat considering what you’re getting.




  • Kenneth Ong , November 9, 2023

    ang ganda ng keyboard nyo sir/ma’am.
    Pwede nyo yan gawan ng review?

  • Vern , November 9, 2023

    The difference between DITO FlexPlan with Globe and Smart Postpaid is they don’t include landlines on the UNLI Calls. So that’s one thing to consider. If you still use your Globe or Smart Postpaid for calling landlines, better keep it. When the time comes that DITO is including landlines to their calls then that’s probably the time to switch. If you don’t use your existing postpaid for landline calls and you want more DATA allocations then DITO’s FlexPlan is definitely worth considering.

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