DITO Unveils Unlimited 5G Postpaid for Php 1.5k a Month

DITO Unveils Unlimited 5G Postpaid for Php 1.5k a Month

UPDATE: DITO is offering its Home 5G Unlimited Postpaid service at 50% off starting today (July 8) until October 6.

With 5G expanding its coverage in the Philippines, Filipinos get faster and smoother access to information on the Internet. DITO is serious in its investment in 5G, committing to deliver “real” 5G speeds to Filipinos through the use of standalone networks. Part of this commitment includes a new unlimited 5G postpaid plan from DITO.

“Seeing our 5G standalone network as breakthrough connectivity, this is the real 5G we want to offer to Filipino subscribers nationwide. Since it started deploying its infrastructure, DITO Telecommunity has been investing in the latest technologies like 5G as part of our commitment to boost connectivity and unlock new opportunities for customers in every corner of the Philippines,” DITO Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago said.

DITO also shared some of the benefits of 5G connectivity, which include:

1. Ultrafast internet connection. Internet speeds from 5G networks can effortlessly beat 4G, with speeds that could hit 10 to up to 100 times faster than the latter, therefore allowing faster downloads and uploads. 

2. Can process large volumes of data better. 5G network enables the transfer of huge volumes of data smoothly and with fewer delays. 

3. Connects, and reaches more devices. 5G has greater capacity than 4G, which means that it can accommodate mass numbers of devices while maintaining high-speed connections allowing uninterrupted browsing, gaming, or streaming

4. A true lag-free experience. With lightning-fast speeds and low latencies, 5G technology enables a lag-free experience, allowing users to seamlessly stream high-quality videos, engage in real-time gaming, and perform other data-intensive tasks without any noticeable delays. 

5. Enables new technologies. 5G plays a critical role in pursuing the development of smart cities as it can support the connectivity requirements of other technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

Supporting this strong demand for high-speed internet, DITO has its DITO Home 5G Postpaid, which offers up to 500 Mbps download speeds, along with the ability to connect up to 32 devices. DITO Home is now present in about 500 barangays across Metro Manila and 50 barangays in Cebu, with thousands of Filipino families experiencing DITO’s fastest internet yet.

DITO Home has a special unlimited 5G postpaid deal for Php 1,490 a month, where you also get 30 days of Prime Video as part of the bundle. This special promo is available until August 5.

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  • Demon , July 13, 2023

    So there’s no “data priotization”? Coz I bet there’s some sort of limit and the speeds then go down to allow other users to make use of the 5g/4g speeds in the same area. Even US wireless providers have this data priotization written in fine print together with the word “unlimited 5g/4g”.

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