Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS7600/98 Review

Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS7600/98 Review

REVIEW: Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS7600/98

The Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS7600/98 brings the same sound quality, ruggedness, and portability that the Fidelio AS351 Android Docking Speaker did, except that this time this was made for the iPhone and/or iPods. Competitively priced at Php6,499, the Fidelio DS7600/98 is for music lovers who want to get more out of their iPods and iPhones. The question though is if the Fidelio DS7600/98 is a good buy considering the wave of docking speakers that continue to enter the market today. Read on for our review!

It looks like a high-tech capsule from the Jetsons

Philips pretty much maintained their design philosophy with all of their Fidelio products. They all look like capsules that the Jetsons would use, lol. Don’t let the techie design fool you into thinking though that this will break easily. The Fidelio DS7600/98 was made to withstand abuse, especially the kind that speakers get when they’re thrown indiscriminately into bags or boxes.

To make sure that the dock and the actual speakers are protected, the Fidelio DS7600/98 has a rubberized front panel cover that also functions as the stand. You flip it open, swing it backwards, and it will prop up the Fidelio. Opening it reveals the speakers and the patented Apple PIN dock.

This model was specifically made for iPhones and iPods (not iPads). I say iPhones because Philips went through the effort of installing mobile radio shielding technology. You know those “click-click-click” sounds that phones generate when they’re about to get an SMS or call while near to speakers? You won’t get that with the Fidelio DS7600/98.

By the way, if you don’t want to dock your device on it there’s a standard AUX-IN port at the back.

Great compact and portable speakers for bassheads

Nothing like 30 Seconds to Mars to perk you up on a lazy Tuesday morning, lol.
If you like your music with huge servings of bass then you’ll like the Fidelio DS7600/98. Despite it’s size it can still pack a punch because of the wOOx technology which helps deliver thumpy bass without the distortion or “basag”. You also get good lower range because of the DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost). The mids and highs are still great but the real focus here is obviously it’s “bass-on-the-go” nature.

Speaking of on-the-go, Philips decided to make the Fidelio more portable by including a panel in the back for AA batteries (4). This is for the times when you want to bring it with you and you’re not sure if there will be a wall outlet for you to plug it in. While this is a welcome feature, I would have preferred they just put some sort of rechargeable battery there.

When it comes to volume and range, the Fidelio DS7600 will have no problem filling up small living rooms, kitchens, or average sized bedrooms. It’s actually perfect for those times that you need mood music, like intimate parties and get-togethers.

Over-all the Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS7600/98 is a competitive product. The lack of Bluetooth connectivity and the rechargeable battery might be put offs for some though.

Pricing and Availability

SRP is Php6,499. Already available in various Astro Vision and Astro Plus stores in malls.



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