Soundfreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth Speakers Review

Soundfreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth Speakers Review

Soundfreaq Sound Stack in the house!

Soundfreaq Sound Kick: Affordable, Quality Sound, and Multi-Functional!

Soundfreaq, through their local distributor Digits Trading, launched their most affordable bluetooth speaker to date, the Soundfreaq Sound Kick. While it may not be as portable as other bluetooth speakers like the FoxL V2, it makes up for it by delivering outstanding sound quality with a high max volume. As if that isn’t good enough is also has a built-in chargeable battery, a reasonable price (retails for less than Php5,000), and you can actually use the USB slot to charge your phone (whut). Talk about multi-functional right? Hehe.

Packaging and Speaker Design

Box of the Soundfreaq Sound Kick

The Sound Kick somes in a white carton box. Inside you’ll find the speakers wrapped in foam. It’s not really that small so I wouldn’t recommend you bringing this with you especially if you use the average sized laptop bag. It’s viable though if you’re going on an out-of-town vacation and you have a big bag (you’ll have space for this).

The primary controls like pairing and volume are all found at the top of the speaker. At the back are the ports.

To turn the Sound Kick on you have to pull out the kickstand at the back. That’s probably how it got it’s name. Once you pull it out you can turn it on by just pressing the power button. Pair it with your phone, tablet, or laptop and you’re all set to go!

Sound Quality and Over-all Experience

The Sound Kick definitely lives up to the stringent product standards of Soundfreaq. Just like the Sound Station, the Sound Kick delivers crisp, detailed, and full music even if you crank up the volume. The bass won’t break unless you’re running poor digital files. The bass is also thumpy and not too overwhelming.

For real everyday use the Sound Kick is ideal for the living room, guest room, or your mini home offices. It’s easy to connect to and you can just bring it around the house if you need to listen to your favorite songs.

Pricing and Availability

The Sound Kick is now available in branches of Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box. SRP is Php4,990. At this price we sincerely believe this is a steal. Unbox gives the Sound Kick two thumbs up! If we had a rating system this would be ranking pretty high. 🙂

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