Tranya M10 TWS Earbuds Review: Big and Bold

Tranya M10 TWS Earbuds Review: Big and Bold

Review Verdict: If you are all about big and grand soundstage at a relatively compact size, the Tranya M10 TWS might be for you. It has a big, bold sound, thanks largely to its huge 14.2mm graphene drivers—arguably the biggest I’ve seen on a pair of TWS earbuds.

I appreciate the improvements made on the M10 over the T10 like a more ergonomic design and well-placed physical buttons, though I still wish Tranya actually made an app for both TWS earbuds for better futureproofing.


  • Huge drivers deliver a great and broad soundstage
  • Good ergonomics despite its chunky size
  • Well-placed physical buttons


  • Still no accompanying app for future upgrades
  • No LED indicator lights for battery status
  • May be chunky for some users

If the T10’s 12mm graphene drivers are too small for your liking, Tranya has a better and more premium offering with the M10. Aside from having bigger 14.2mm drivers, the M10 has a more ergonomic design that includes relocated controls for the physical buttons. Should you consider this big boy over their smaller offering?


While the charging case looks similar to the T10, the M10 is significantly bigger in size. You get the same look and finish as the smaller T10 as well as a USB-C charging port. The only notable omission on the M10 is the LED indicators for indicating battery status. While it’s a relatively minor gripe, I would have still liked to have an LED indicator so that I know if my TWS earbuds have enough charge for the long haul.

Opening the case reveals the buds themselves, which are also physically bigger because of the 14.2mm drivers and have a more pronounced oblong shape. You get the Tranya logo and LED indicator on the body, while the controls—physical buttons this time—are located on the side. Despite having physical buttons, the M10 can be used for workouts thanks to its IPx5 rating.

Interface and Fit

While the M10 is similar to the T10 since you can adjust volume, manage playback, and switch between normal and Bass Boost, Tranya tweaked the controls in a good way: the number of taps has been reduced and you now have a double tap+hold function for changing tracks. It also helps that the physical buttons are placed on the side instead of dead center into the body.  Using them as my daily drivers, I found itt easy to make volume adjustments and manage music playback with this kind of setup.

I do appreciate that Tranya made these improvements on the overall interface of the M10, though I’m still hoping that they come up with a companion app for it. Aside from opening the possibilities of upgrading firmware, having a companion app can be a perfect opportunity in remapping the controls according to the user’s preference.

Despite being a chunky boi, the M10’s ergonomics is actually good. Sure they do poke out of my ears when I wear them, but Tranya did make an effort to design them in such a way that you can wear these chunky earbuds for a prolonged period.

Audio Quality and Battery Life

Like the T10, the M10 comes with aptX, normal and Bass Boost options, and Bluetooth 5.0. But because the M10 uses bigger 14.2mm drivers—which is arguably the biggest in a pair of TWS earbuds—the overall soundstage is wider compared to the T10.

Listening through my favorite Chvrches and The Weeknd tracks with the M10, I noticed how deep the lows are and how wide is the range for the mids and highs. It felt like I was listening to a pair of over-ear headphones, except that this is attained using a relatively smaller form factor.

For calls, the M10’s 4-microphone system is a big upgrade over the T10 as it makes them better for masking background noise during calls—which also makes them great for those Zoom meeting sessions.

As for battery life, the M10’s bigger size translates to longer use times: up to 10 hours on a single charge and up to 80 hours with the charging case. I’ve been using the M10 for 3 weeks and I have yet charged them since unboxing it. My use would range anywhere between an hour to two a day—that’s solid proof that the M10 is great for those long-haul trips once traveling is deemed safe.

For charging, you also get both wired and wireless charging on the M10, with the charging speeds for both modes being similar to what I have experienced with the T10.

Wrap up and Conclusions

If you are all about anything grand at a relatively compact package, our Tranya M10 review concludes that those huge 14.2mm drivers deliver a very broad soundstage with a wide range—all while keeping accessible under Php 3k price tag. They may be huge, but the overall ergonomics and location of the physical buttons make them a pleasure to use even for long listening sessions.

While I appreciate the updates Tranya did to how the physical buttons work, I am still hoping that they come up with a companion app to make the M10 futureproof with customizable controls and possible firmware updates.

Tranya M10 TWS Earbuds Review Philippines Price

The Tranya M10 is priced at Php 2,990 and can be purchased via Digital Walker’s Home Office eCommerce shop or through their official Lazada and Shopee stores.



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