Apple Confirms May 7 Event, New iPads Coming at Last

Apple Confirms May 7 Event, New iPads Coming at Last

Apple Unveils New iPad Air

The wait for new iPads is soon to be over, as Apple confirmed a May 7 event that hints at it. The most obvious sign is the Apple Pencil, and the multiple colors most likely hint at the iPad Air. We’re not sure if  new iPad Pros with an M3 chip will be arriving as well, but Apple may likewise bring that to the May 7 launch as well.


As to what to expect with the 2024 iPad line, previous rumors suggest that the iPad Air will not be limited to the usual 11-inch model: Apple might be announcing a 12.9-inch and 10.9-inch iPad Air with Mini LED displays and presumably an M3 processor in order to beef up its mid-range tablet offerings. As for the iPad Pro, the rumor mill points to both 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro variants finally getting a 120hz OLED display, an M3 processor, and a repositioned front camera that’s oriented for landscape use.

As for the new accessories, the Apple Pencil might get updated with squeeze gestures, while the Magic Keyboard is expected to get a redesign with a more durable aluminum chassis and a larger trackpad.

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