Tranya T10 TWS Earbuds Review: New Player Worth Considering

Tranya T10 TWS Earbuds Review: New Player Worth Considering

Verdict: Aside from having aptX and a class-leading IPx7 rating, what really sets the Tranya T10 TWS earbuds apart is its use of 12mm graphene drivers, delivering a better soundstage and clear separation between lows, mids, and highs. Its only real setback is its over-dependence on tap controls, which can be confusing for some users. Overall, the Tranya T10 is a good option for under Php 2.5k if you’re after better than average sound quality.

The Tranya T10 is priced at Php 2,490 and is available at Digital Walker’s Home Office eCommerce shop and Lazada official store.


  • 12mm drivers deliver great sound quality
  • Freedom to choose between normal and bass boost
  • Support for wireless charging


  • Too dependent on tap controls

Tranya is trying to elbow their way into the already crowded budget TWS market, offering a good set of buds with solid features. The Tranya T10 is priced at under Php 2.5k and packs quite a number of class-leading features including aptX, class-leading IPx7 rating, and 12mm graphene drivers. Is this enough to stand out in a very saturated market though?

Design and Build

At first glance, the shape of the T10’s charging case looks like a bigger version of the Realme Buds Q. Aside from the distinguishable Tranya branding on top, you get four LED lights that give you an idea of how much juice is left in them. They also have a nice matte finish, with glossy accents to further give it a premium look.

You get a USB-C port at the back, and the hinge of the battery case feels sturdier than similarly-priced TWS earbuds. As an added bonus, the battery case supports wireless charging – a great feature especially if you have a phone that supports reverse wireless charging.

As for the buds, they’re on the chunky side, and have a tendency to pop out of your ears when wearing them if they’re not worn correctly. The size is understandable, considering that they have bigger-than-usual 12mm graphene drivers inside. Despite the size, they are still IPx7 rated: Tranya says that you can swim with them, though advise against using them for diving.

Aside from an LED light, you get Tranya’s logo on the buds, which also are the location for the touch panels.

Interface and Fit

To pair the T10, you will need to power them on by removing them from the case. The left bud will prompt for pairing with your device, then the right bud will pair once you confirm the pairing for the left bud. Once you are done with the setup, the T10 will automatically pair with your device once you take them out of the case.

For controlling the T10, you have touch panels on both earbuds that respond to specific taps. Tapping twice on either earbud controls the volume, and tapping thrice lets you control music. A tap and hold gesture if for playing/pausing music, and tapping either earbud five times lets you switch between normal mode and bass boost–a rare feature for any budget TWS earbuds.

While it is nice to have those set of features, having too many tap functions leads to inconsistency–which was the case when using them as my daily driver while walking the dogs. There were times that I accidentally increased the volume where I only want to change tracks, and there are times that the music refuses to pause even when doing the said tap gestures right.

Like I mentioned earlier, the T10 are on the bulky side design-wise, but the default ear tips just fit fine for me. There are two extra sets of ear tips in case they don’t fit properly to you.

Audio Quality and Battery Life

Complicated touch controls aside, the T10 shines when it comes to audio quality. Aside from having Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX, the T10’s standout feature are its 12mm graphene drivers. Bigger than the usual 7-8mm drivers we usually see in TWS earbuds in this price range, the audio quality in the T10 is noticeably different from similarly-priced competitors.

Overall, there’s a clear separation between the lows, mids, and highs, giving you a generally great audio quality even at higher volumes. The T10 shines with its mids and highs, though you can boost the lows when you switch to Bass Boost mode. Paired with aptX, wireless audio listening is very stable even when listening to high quality audio files and streams.

As for battery life, Tranya rates them for up to 8 hours per charge and up to 24 hours with the charging case, which is impressive. I’ve used them for a good two hours, and battery life only went down from 100% to 70%–which is roughly at par with Tranya’s estimates.

Making these budget TWS earbuds impressive is that they can be charged either by USB-C or by wireless charging. With wireless charging, it took around two hours to fully charge the case. With USB-C, it takes a little over an hour.

Wrap up and Conclusions

While Tranya may be a brand that is not familiar to everyone their first offering in the Philippines is feature-packed for its sub-Php 2.5k price. The T10’s 12mm graphene drivers deliver a great soundstage for its price, and the option to choose between Normal and Bass Boost modes is a plus.

While its vast tap controls can be confusing and inconsistent at times, the T10 is a modern pair of TWS earbuds with USB-C charging and wireless charging. Aside from that, it has a class-leading IPx7 rating that can survive from being soaked in water better than similarly-priced TWS earbuds.



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