Ultra-Budget Phone Comparo: itel A70 vs Redmi A2+

Ultra-Budget Phone Comparo: itel A70 vs Redmi A2+

itel made a shocking announcement yesterday when it revealed that the A70 has a Php 2.7k early bird price. Granted that the actual SRP of the A70 is Php 3,999 for the 4GB/128GB variant, it’s hard to find an Android phone priced under Php 4k.

The closest phone that can potentially rival the itel A70 is the Redmi A2+, which is priced at Php 3,499. We’re curious about what both ultra-budget phones have to offer, so here’s our comparo of the itel A70 and Redmi A2+:



Being ultra-budget phones, you only get an HD+ resolution and a 60hz refresh rate on the itel A70 and Redmi A2+. Both come with a notch for their selfie cameras, though the itel A70 has a dynamic bar feature for added functionality.

The itel A70’s display is a smidge bigger, though the difference is not as significant.



Not much is known about the itel A70’s Unisoc T603 processor, but we presume that it is a slightly underclocked version of the T606. This places the T603 roughly at par with the Redmi A2+’s Helio G36. However, the T603 should have better GPU performance if we base it on how the T606 is compared to the Helio G36.

When it comes to RAM and storage, the itel A70 is better since it gets 4GB RAM and a 128GB storage that’s large for an ultra-budget phone.

As for battery life, both phones have a 5000mAh battery that supports 10w charging. The only difference is that the itel A70 uses a USB-C port while the Redmi A2+ sticks to an old MicroUSB port.


What makes both ultra-budget phones interesting is that they have a second camera–though it’s a filler QVGA sensor that’s supposed to assist the main camera. If we’re talking about megapixels, the itel A70 has a higher megapixel count for both the main and selfie cameras at 13-megapixels and 8-megapixels respectively.


Both phones have modest internals, so you are getting a Go version of Android. While both phones do have Android 13, we’re giving this to the Redmi A2+ since their version has significantly less bloatware.


The Redmi A2+ is priced at Php 3,499, while the 4GB/128GB variant of the itel A70 has an official SRP of Php 3,999. If you factor in all the hardware upgrades of the itel A70, its price premium is well-justified. However, the Redmi A2+ is better if you are more concerned about software.



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