Work and Play: Your Guide to Buying a Budget Tablet in 2023

Work and Play: Your Guide to Buying a Budget Tablet in 2023

If you’re looking to buy a tablet this Christmas, there are several excellent budget options for under Php 15k. Having tested several budget tablets in 2023, we curated this buyer’s guide to help you get the right tablet based on your needs.

What to Expect from a Budget Tablet in 2023

A decent budget tablet in 2023 has a price of Php 9k to Php 15k, and most of them only have WiFi connectivity. Tablets with LTE connectivity are rare at this price point, so their card trays are usually for MicroSD card expansion.

Unlike budget phones, budget tablets have limited processor options, with the usual choices being either a Snapdragon 680 or Helio G99. From our experience, the latter is a better choice if you prioritize performance, while the former is more for battery life.

Tablets within the Php 9k to Php 10k price point typically have at least an 11-inch display and a 4-speaker system. Expect a 2K (aka 1200×2000) resolution on these tablets, and a high refresh rate is a bonus.


Best Budget Tablet for Battery Life: Redmi Pad SE (Php 9,999)

The combination of a large 8000mAh battery and a Snapdragon 680 processor makes the Redmi Pad SE the most power-efficient tablet in the Philippines. A battery life score of 22 hours and 46 minutes on PCMark is the best we’ve ever seen on a tablet, and that translates to being able to use the Redmi Pad SE for two days before you need to charge it.

Runner-up: realme Pad 2 (Php 13,999)

Best Budget Tablet for Display and Speakers: HONOR Pad X9 (Php 11,999)

Aside from a smooth 120hz refresh rate for the display, the HONOR Pad X9 is a great budget tablet for entertainment thanks to its unique 6-speaker system. The Pad X9’s speaker system gives an excellent overall audio experience on a budget tablet, with a soundstage that can rival more expensive offerings.

Runner-up: realme Pad 2 (Php 13,999)


Best Budget Tablet for Performance: realme Pad 2 (Php 13,999)

Having a Helio G99 processor is a good choice, and the realme Pad 2 makes the experience better with realmeUI 4.0. Aside from all the optimizations made to maximize its form factor, realmeUI 4.0 balances both performance and battery life, which helps utilize the full potential of its Helio G99 chip.

Runner-up: Doogee T30 Pro (Php 13,499) 


Best Budget Tablet for 4G connectivity: realme Pad 2 (Php 13,999)

Aside from having the best performance for a budget tablet, the realme Pad 2 is a good option if you need cellular connectivity. This feature allows you to use your SIM card and stay connected with 4G/LTE wherever you go, even if you don’t have WiFi access.

Runner-up: Doogee T30 Pro (Php 13,499)

That rounds up our guide on buying a budget tablet in the Philippines this 2023. Do you agree with our recommendations?



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