Xiaomi TV A Pro 65-inch Review: Value-Packed

Xiaomi TV A Pro 65-inch Review: Value-Packed

Review Verdict: The Xiaomi TV A Pro is one of the most affordable 65-inch TV sets you can buy in the Philippines at under Php 35k, and improves on the brand’s previous TV P1 series.


-Better stand design

-Bright and vibrant display


-Meager RAM and Storage

-Only 60hz refresh rate

While there are many Smart TVs to choose from, it’s hard to find a 65-inch model that’s doesn’t break the bank. Xiaomi’s TV A Pro is among the few 65-inch TVs at the Php 35k price point. Is the TV A Pro a good 65-inch TV for those on a budget?


Xiaomi TV A Pro 65-inch Review: Design

While it has a similar design with the TV P1 with those slim bezels, Xiaomi tweaked the tabletop stand on the TV A Pro. Instead of two separate stands at either side of the TV, you have a more robust 3-piece stand placed in the middle of the TV. Aside from being more stable, the TV A Pro’s 3-piece stand makes it easier to place on tables.

The TV A Pro’s remote is the same with the TV P1, while the branding at the bottom bezel is updated to the current Xiaomi branding. Like the TV P1, the TV A Pro’s only button is the power switch at the bottom of the TV.

For the port selection, the TV P1 has three HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, headphone jack, AV composite in, and Optical Digital Audio out. The HDMI ports are only 2.0, which limites display resolution to 4K at 60hz.


Xiaomi TV A Pro 65-inch Review: Display and speakers

The TV A Pro’s huge 65-inch display boasts a 4K UHD resolution. You’re getting a good quality panel with the TV A Pro with its consistent vibrant colors even at different angles. Speaking of colors, the TV A Pro supports over a billion colors, Dolby Vision, and HDR10, letting you enjoy the best possible content on both YouTube and Netflix.

While the TV A Pro’s display is not OLED, the contrast and blacks are decent for its price. However, gamers might have second thoughts on the TV A Pro since its refresh rate is limited to 60hz–there’s no high refresh rate option here.

Aside from a decent display, the Xiaomi TV A Pro also has a decent set of speakers that output 24w. The speakers support Dolby Audio and DTS:X for the best audio experience.

We tried the Xiaomi TV A Pro’s speakers by playing a few songs on Spotify, and we liked the overall soundstage. Aside from audible mids and highs, the lows are clear on the TV A Pro’s speakers, making it also great for playing audio.


Xiaomi TV A Pro 65-inch Review: User Interface

Unlike the TV P1, the TV A Pro comes with Google TV instead of Android TV. While they are technically the same–you still get Play Store for downloading apps–Google TV’s advantage is that it gives you more personalized content band on what you watch. Depending on what streaming services you subscribed to, Google TV can give you personalized recommendations on YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Being a smart TV, the TV A Pro can also integrate seamlessly with Google Home, where you can utilize voice commands to control your other connected devices–from monitoring feeds on your security cameras to turning on the lights in other areas of your house.

While the user interface is generally good, we wished Xiaomi gave the TV A Pro more RAM and internal storage. While 2GB RAM and 16GB storage appears to be enough for most smart TVs nowadays, we think large ones like the TV A Pro 65-inch should have more RAM so that users can enjoy a more fluid experience when shifting between one streaming service to another.


Xiaomi TV A Pro 65-inch Review: Wrap-up and Conclusions

It’s hard to find a 65-inch smart TV that matches the value-for-money that Xiaomi’s TV A Pro series offers–especially at under Php 35k, where you would get a 55-inch TV at the said price segment. While it has its fair share of limitations, the TV A Pro is a good smart TV to buy if you’re after a 65-inch screen but is on a tight budget.


Xiaomi TV A Pro 65-inch Review: Price

The 65-inch Xiaomi TV A Pro is priced at Php 32,490.




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