Samsung Note 8 vs Samsung Note 7: What Changed?

Samsung Note 8 vs Samsung Note 7: What Changed?

The ill-fated Note 7

I’ve been a Samsung Galaxy Note fan ever since it the first generation device was first launched several years ago. I’ve owned every iteration since with the exception of the explosive Galaxy Note 7. Suffice to say I’m pretty stoked and excited to own the newest generation and hopefully “explosion-free” Galaxy Note 8 when it launches later this month in New York.

As expected, the specifications of the Galaxy Note 8 have already been leaked and we can already see what are the significant changes compared to it’s ill-fated predecessor. Let’s go through the key differences one by one.

Best-in-class Dual Camera Set-up

The biggest difference will most likely be the improved optics. The new Note 8 will pack dual 12-megapixel rear cameras (f/1.7 wide-angle combined with f/2.4 telephoto) compared to the single 12-megapixel shooter of the Note 7. The Note 8 will also pack all the software camera upgrades that came with the Samsung Galaxy S8: optical image stabilization, 2x optical zoom, and dual pixel autofocus.

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The front-facing camera also gets a small bump. It will now be an 8-megapixel shooter compared to the 5-megapixel shooter of the Note 7. Nothing major here and most likely if you prefer selfies you’re still better off with the Google Pixel XL.

Slightly Bigger Display: 6.3-inch vs 5.7-inch

What’s interesting to note (whut) is that the new Note 8 also packs a bigger display. It will allegedly pack a 6.3-inch screen compared to the 5.7-inch screen of the Note 7. Knowing Samsung, they went through great strides to make sure that the only thing that became bigger was the display surface and not the phone itself (massively reducing bezels like how they did it with the S8+).

Bigger screens: Great for Work and for Play, especially for watching movies!

The larger screen combined with the beastly internals and the S Pen uniquely positions the Note 8 as a productive and creative war beast. The bigger real estate allows for better note taking, document creation, and reading. We do a lot of our work these days on our smartphones and I look forward to maximizing the Note 8 as a professional daily driver in the months to come.

Much More Powerful: Qualcom 835 Processor or Exynos 8895 Paired with 6GB RAM

Last, but not the least, is the internal upgrades. We now have the latest Qualcomm 835 processor (or the Samsung Exynos 8895) paired with a super generous 6GB of RAM. The previous 2 Note generations didn’t have any major issues with lag and the new internals will just make things better. I initially thought that spec bumps were incremental and not game-changers. However with how much we demand from our smartphones daily, every bit of power in that engine counts.

Not in the Leak: Hoping for S Pen Upgrades

The Note 7 S Pen was already pretty much the best S Pen ever. We’re still hoping though that Samsung didn’t sit and relax on the innovations for this part of the Note. It’s the biggest differentiator of the entire line and at a time when all Android flagships are starting to look the same, Samsung needs to pound relentlessly on the uniqueness of the Note S Pen experience more than ever.

Wrapping Up

Suffice to say I’m going to get the Note 8 as soon as it comes out. I’ve know a lot of Note loyalists. These are the guys who didn’t claim their retention postpaid handset when the S7 and the S8 came out. They stuck to their trusty Note 5 and just like me, they’re eagerly waiting for the Note 8 to finally hit store shelves.

Perhaps the only concern really is the price. There’s a lot of talk going around that the Note 8 will sell for at least Php50,000 and can go up to Php60,000. Is the price justifiable? Yes, if you will maximize it for productivity and work. If it’s a device that will allow you to make more money or be more efficient, then it makes sense. If it’s just for the sake of having one or you just want it so you can watch movies on a bigger screen, there are far more affordable options in the market.

More affordable alternative — get the S8, hehe.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will launch latest this month in New York. Expect coverage and our review as soon as it comes out.



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