Microsoft Surface Pro Unboxing and Initial Impressions: Surpassed our Expectations!

Microsoft Surface Pro (128GB) Unboxing We’ve been aching to get our hands on a Microsoft Surface Pro ever since it was announced. The idea of a tablet that has Ultrabook specs and capabilities is just so appealing to us, especially since it can function as an all-around mobile blogging and gaming station. Fortunately a local […]

Cole Haan Hermitage Messenger Bag: Perfect for your 15-inch Laptop

Cole Haan Hermitage Messenger Bag: Perfect for your MBP 15-inch Retina We take a break from all the gadgets and gizmos to do a quick review of a premium luxury messenger bag from Cole Haan. The Cole Haan Hermitage Messenger Bag is made from stylish cowhide leather colored Woodbury. It can fit a lot of […]

The Unbox Gadget Hunting in Pantip IT Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

Unbox Gadget Hunting in Thailand! If this were in the Philippines I’d probably call it the “Granddaddy of all SM Cyberzones”! The Pantip IT Mall in Bangkok, Thailand is a massive gadget and technology showcase. I’m not sure if its four or five floors but this place can probably be in the top 10 of […]

Holiday Gift and Shopping Guide: Accessories and Peripherals

Unbox Holiday Shopping and Gift Guide: Accessories and Peripherals There are also a lot of great accessories and peripherals (aka “cool stuff”) available today that you can buy for yourself or give as gifts this December. Some of them are actually just as expensive (or even more) than smartphones and tablets. The list we’ve compiled […]

Wrist Free: Best Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest Ever!

Wrist Free: Best Mouse Pad/Wrist Rest Combo Ever Wrist Free is arguably the most functional and useful mousepad/wrist rest that you’ll find in the market. In fact I’d go as far as highly recommending it to people who stay in front of the computer for extended periods of time. Wrist Free makes the use of […]

MiLi Power Prince Review

Review: MiLi Power Prince MiLi has grown to be a respected and trusted brand here in the Philippines. In fact most of the top Apple resellers and gadget shops already carry their products. Unlike other mobile charger brands, Mili has a variety of products with different designs and price points. This strategy broadens their market […]


Replica of Thrall’s Doomhammer Epic Weapons just came out with another masterpiece! We first heard about Epic Weapons when they partnered with Razer for the Dragon Age Origins Staff Sword replica. Their newest creation though is definitely right up there in terms of “epicness”. Coming soon is the Doomhammer, the primary weapon of the War […]

Photo of the Week: “Appleganza”

A fellow Apple enthusiast dropped by my condo and we unknowingly stacked all of our gear on the desk while we were eating. Took a photo of the messy desk. It’s definitely an “Appleganza” moment. 🙂 Here’s the list of items that are on the desk. Try to find them all! 1 x iPad 16GB […]