18 pounds of steel and doom!

Replica of Thrall’s Doomhammer

Epic Weapons just came out with another masterpiece! We first heard about Epic Weapons when they partnered with Razer for the Dragon Age Origins Staff Sword replica. Their newest creation though is definitely right up there in terms of “epicness”. Coming soon is the Doomhammer, the primary weapon of the War Chief, Thrall, in the World of Warcraft universe. It’s made from 30 independent parts, has a 3″ grip with genuine leather, and weights in at a whopping 18 pounds! The hammer head is 7″ square and 10″ from side to side. Don’t think for a second you can actually use this though to defend your house from burglars (unless you’re ridiculously strong enough to swing this around). It’s really more of a collector’s item.

Amazing attention to detail in this beauty!
I want!

Epic Weapons’ Doomhammer is officially licensed and approved by Blizzard. It will start accepting pre-orders this December and the hammers will ship in Q1 2012. You’ll have to fork out $284.95 USD for this (Php12,300) and that’s without shipping yet and taxes to Manila.

Click here to go to the website of Epic Weapons.

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