HTC U11 Review: The Best Camera Ever On A Smartphone ?

HTC’s flagship is to die for HTC’s hasn’t had the best time in the past. Beset by lagging sales, constantly changing leadership and stiff competition from the likes of LG, Samsung, Huawei and Sony, the Taiwanese manufacturer has had a rough time in the flagship space despite offering solid, if forgettable flagships in the past. […]

Five Awesome Features of the Galaxy Note 8

These features should convince you to splurge on the Note 8   It’s finally out! Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is packed with the latest tech, and is sure to be a redemption from last year’s fiasco with the Note 7. However, its exorbitant price tag of Php 49,990 may turn off a lot of people, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hands-on Review!

The Phone that Slays! 2016 was a rough time for Samsung. The brand’s flagship smartphone line had its reputation tarnished by not one, but two recalls brought on by battery defects and problems in their quest to beat down their biggest competitor, Apple. For a time there were doubts that there would even still be […]

Hits and Misses of the ASUS PH Pricing of the ZenFone 4 Series

Thoughts on the ASUS ZenFone 4 Line-up Pricing Yesterday ASUS Philippines announced the Philippines suggested retail price of the ASUS ZenFone 4 line-up. To recap, here are all the models that they released for the Philippines with their corresponding SRP: ASUS ZenFone 4 Max 5.5-inch: Php 9,995 ASUS ZenFone Selfie: Php 13,995 ASUS ZenFone Selfie […]

Here’s How Much The ZenFone 4 Series Will Cost In The Philippines

Finally, local pricing for ASUS’ new phones! Just two days after their global launch in Taipei, Taiwan, ASUS has officially launched their new ZenFone 4 series of smartphones in the Philippines. Over the years its become clear that the Philippines has become a crucial battleground for the Taiwanese company for its smartphone lineup, which means […]

4 Great Buys From Henry’s Massive Sale

Here’s 4 things you might want to take a look at Earlier today we told you about the massive sale that Henry’s Professional is having in their online store. But like any clearance sale, it takes a fair bit of combing through their website to see what deals are worth having. We did our own […]

Honor V9 Review: No Leica Lenses, No Problem

P10 and P10 Plus Alternative? The first time we heard of the Honor V9, or the Honor 8 Pro as it’s known in some markets, was way back in February; just before we got our hands on the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus at Mobile World Congress. Armed with the same processor as the flagship […]

Five Reasons to Buy the OnePlus 5

In case you’ve been holding out on getting the “Flagship Killer” We’ve had the OnePlus 5 for awhile now and we’ve already done our full review for this year’s version of the “Flagship Killer”. In case you missed out on reading it or watching our quick review on our YouTube channel, here are five reasons […]

Behold: KFC Outs Its Own Smartphone

No, it doesn’t come with unlimited gravy We’ve seen food and beverage brands partner up with phone manufacturers before, but we will never get tired of seeing the amusing results of said partnerships. The latest mish-mash of tech and food is KFC’s limited edition smartphone, built to commemorate their 30 years of operating in China. […]

Smart Rolls Out LTE-A Manila, Cebu And Davao

Look out for that LTE-A icon on your phone Remember LTE-A, the next evolution of uber-fast wireless mobile internet that we first saw in Boracay last year? Well, Smart is now turning on the technology behind that make those speeds possible in the Philippines, starting with Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao. Smart has rolled […]

Samsung to Push Update for the Infinity Display’s “Red Tint Issue”

Red Tint Fix Incoming! Samsung Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ may give the phone its sexy profile, but we have been hearing a few complaints about it online. You may have heard but some users have complained about the display having a bit of a reddish tint to it. According to an […]

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review: Sayonara, A9 Pro?

Is the first Samsung Phone with 6GB of RAM Worth It? Previously an exclusive to the Chinese market, Samsung Philippines launched the Galaxy C9 Pro locally a little over two weeks ago. We’ve been using it as our main phone for a week now, so it’s time to see if this 6-inch phablet is worth […]