Converse Nylon Walking Shorts

The Converse Nylon Walking Shorts is made for comfort especially for the summer season. It’s made from breathable nylon fabric making it ideal for wearing during sunny hot days. It comes in black or gray and is sold for Php899.75 in Converse stores nationwide. Note though that the summer season is almost over and typhoons […]

Audio Technica SJ55 Headphones

Audio Technica came out with a new line of entry level headphones that offer superb sound quality, great design, and not that bad in price. The most affordable is the SJ11 followed by the SJ33 and finally the SJ55. For this entry we’ll focus more on the Audio Technica SJ55. I was able to audition […]

Porsche Design P1000 Fashion Blouson Jacket

The Porsche Design P1000 Blouson Jacket will set you back a whopping Php147,995. Yes, you read that right: Php147,995. It’s a limited edition product (less than 100 made in the world) and it’s made from quality genuine materials. The jacket itself is made from Germany and it looks very fashionable but it’s not something you’ll […]

Wonder Woman TV Series Dumped

Wonder Woman was generating a lot of online buzz in the last few months. However it’s not the positive kind. Ever since it was announced it’s drawn a lot of flack especially because of the terrible superhero costume of Wonder Woman (Adrianne Palicki). Later on the producers got the hint and eventually changed the costume […]

Unboxing the Jabra BT2080

The Jabra BT2080 is a bluetooth wireless headset that’s probably inspired by 1990’s futuristic science fiction shows. You basically connect it to your phone via bluetooth, slip it in your ear, and just click on it if you want to answer an incoming call. It just looks weird sometimes because people might think you’re talking […]

Adidas Orange Blue Windbreaker

Gone are the days of boring, single color windbreakers that are all about function and are not about style. Here’s a good way to go to the gym, take a walk around the village, or run a fun run. Wear this windbreaker from Adidas. It’s light, thin and the colors are really classy. Or, if […]

Adidas White Darth Vader Shirt

It’s not always good to wear a jacket in the Philippines, so there are also awesome Star Wars Adidas shirts. This one takes Darth Vader and puts a little bling to him. No one would have imagined that Darth Vader plus sneakers and bling would make a really funky design. But it exists and it […]

IZOD Golf Striped Shirts

IZOD is known as one of the best golfing lifestyle apparel makers in the world. They’re sponsors of the PGA and LPGA as well as other prestigious tournaments. The shirts that they make are fashionable and customized for golf players. However guys can still enjoy the shirts for casual wear because of the stylish designs […]

Unboxing: Marshall Major Headphones

Two weeks ago we bought the Marshall Major Headphones from Digital Walker in Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City. Been using it quite extensively the past few days. It’s hooked up to my iPhone 4 for songs every morning when I go to work and it gets plugged to my MacBook Pro when I need some […]

Editorial: Meet the New Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Robot-Chicken, Legion) will be wearing the legendary “breastplate” and tiara because she will be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming NBC revamp. To those who don’t know who Wonder Woman is, she’s a ridiculously powerful lady who can fly, rides an invisible jet (whut), and can make you tell the […]

2011 Rapha Jeans for Cycling

Usually bike enthusiasts wear those spandex short shorts. Unless you’re in good condition you’ll look really bad if you wear ’em. Here’s an awesome alternative: Rapha Jeans. Denims that were made for cycling! Made from a combination of traditional rough denim with flexible cordura nylon the Rapha Jeans provide the rugged look and feel of […]

Adidas F50 adiZero Prime

Adidas launched the adiZero collection sometime in early February. This series is their lightest footwear offering and they have something for footballers, runners, basketball, or even tennis players. Other than all the science that went into building their shoes, they all also look awesome. My favorite among the bunch is the pair for football: the […]