X-Men First Class: The Mutants

X-Men First Class: The Mutants

After watching X-Men First Class I quickly did some research on some of the mutants that I saw in the film that were not that familiar to me. Just thought I’d share this with you guys.

Actor: James McAvoy
Mutant Ability: Can read thoughts, enter minds, & manipulate actions. Our favorite wheel-chair bound, bald telepath. Of course He’s not bald here nor is he crippled…not yet at least.

Actor: Michael Fassbender
Mutant Ability: Can manipulate magnetic pulses and forces to his will. Erik Lehnsherr was a Jewish survivor of the Nazi encampment. This experience will later on determine his ideology and would lead to the tension between him and his friend, Charles.

Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
Mutant Ability: Can genetically alter her appearance including voice and clothing. Much like the first time we see Mystique on screen in the first X-men movie, Mystique here wears the same bodypaint/make up as her Rebecca Romijn counterpart. In fact, the movie pays homage as she, at one scene, turns into Rebecca Romijn.

Actor: Nicholas Hoult
Mutant Ability: Originally increased agility and dexterity especially with acrobatics—partly because of his appendages on his feet. Of course later on he turns blue and grows a lot of fur! :3

Actor: Caleb Landry Jones
Mutant Ability: Can generate supersonic waves that enable him to do damage or lift himself up giving the illusion of flying.

Actor: Lucas Till
Mutant Ability: Channel plasma blast from his body. In the movie, like his brother Scott Summers/Cyclops, he has a hard time focusing on these energy blasts that he has difficulty in aiming them without a device.

Actor: Edi Gathegi
Mutant Ability: It wasn’t explained much in the film. All Darwin says is that he has “adaptive survivability” which basically means that his mutant power allows him to change his body composition to adapt to his current environment to survive. Example he can grow gills underwater to breathe better.

Actor: Zoë Kravitz
Mutant Ability: She grows thin fly-like wings and can spit small fireballs. Pretty deadly however, in the comic, she has more powers than what was shown in the film. In fact her mutation makes her like a cross between human and the household fly. The fireball is supposed to be just highly acidic substances which helps her digest her food. She can also reproduce and lay eggs within 5 days from conception to birth. Eww.

Actor: January Jones
Mutant Ability: A powerful telepath that can read minds and imprint realities to people. She also has the ability to turn her skin into hardened diamond! Oooh, sparkly! This sexy villain is part of the Hellfire club.

Actor: Kevin Bacon
Mutant Ability: Able to absorb kinetic energy (and apparently other forms of energy as well) and augment his strength, speed, stamina, agility and recovery to superhuman level. In the film, he transfers energy absorbed to others as an offensive energy blast making him one of the most dangerous mutants.

Actor: Jason Flemyng
Mutant Ability: Very much like the more famous Nightcrawler, Azazel can teleport himself and people to various places. If you think that Azazel closely resembles Nightcrawler it’s because according to the comics, Azazel is Nightcrawler’s biological father. Whooooaaa!

Actor: Álex González
Mutant Ability: In the movie, Riptide can create tornadoes from his hands that become larger as it crosses more area. In the comic his mutant ability is much more deadly–he is able to create super hard spikes to twirl himself like a tornado.

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