10 Great Gifts to Unbox for Father’s Day

10 Great Gifts to Unbox for Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all our Daddy readers! As men we owe a lot to our dads (and to single moms) so it’s fitting that we treat them extra special and maybe give them a gift or two on this special occasion. To those looking for gifts to give their dads we came up with a short list of awesome stuff that we think they would love to unbox.

1. Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet
A lot of dads love wearing polos and long sleeves to work. Treat them to a genuine leather slim wallet which will fit perfectly on their shirt or back pocket. Retails for around Php4,000 with shipping.

2. Davidoff Champion
Davidoff is a venerable brand in the men’s perfume industry. I’m sure your Dad has heard of Davidoff Cool Waters. However they might not like that anymore since it’s associated with their teenage years. Instead give them the latest offering – Davidoff Champion. Powerful, elegant, and manly. Yeah. Sells for Php3,398 (Rustan’s).

3. Indiana Jones Fedora Hat
Who doesn’t know Indiana Jones? I’m sure your Dad watched the movie and probably even idolized Harrison Ford for a while. A great gift is to give your Dad the official licensed Fedora Hat from the movie! Buy it online at ThinkGeek for Php4,500.

4. Apple TV 2nd Generation
Is your Dad a Mac user? If yes then you have to get him the Apple TV 2nd Generation! This device will allow him to watch all of his movies on his big LED/LCD TV in the living room. It’s also very easy to set-up. Just plug it to the TV via HDMI and it’s ready to go! The Apple TV will also let your Dad stream his music into his home theater system. Not bad right? Sadly though the Apple TV (2nd Gen) isn’t officially being sold yet in the PH so you’ll have to be creative on how you get it. Try online selling sites like Sulit, AyosDito, and PhilMug.

5. Dosh Classic Wallet
If your Dad is the active type and usually ends up destroying their wallets you might want to consider giving him a Dosh Classic. This is made from Australia and it’s one of the sturdiest (but fashionable and stylish) wallets available in the market. It’s being sold in GBX stores in malls for Php3,500.

6. JBL MX100 Sound Station
Help your Dad hear the Beatle’s like never before with the JBL Sound Station MX100! This baby can fill up the entire living room with great sounding music. Listen to music from CD, FM, iPod/iPhone, or you can even connect it to your home theater system! One of the best all-around audio solutions. Available in JBL stores for Php34,990.

7. Lacoste Messenger Bag
Lacoste is probably one of the more well loved Dad brands in the country. They’ve been in the PH for a while now and both my Dad and Grandfather love their products. Other than giving your Dad a Lacoste shirt though you might want to look into their bags. They just updated their line and they have a lot of good looking ones made from quality leather. Their messenger bag sells for Php11,500.

8. Marshall Major Headphones
Marshall is another brand that your Dad will probably know and appreciate. Known for their speakers and audio systems, Marshall was a major player in the industry especially in the 90’s. They just came out with the Marshall Major Headphones last year and these cans are portable, well-designed, and produce sensational sound quality. How much? Php4,650. You can check out Digital Walker or Astro Vision if they still have units left.

9. Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes
Give your Dad additional incentive to live a more active lifestyle by giving him one of the best running shoes in the market – the Somnio MIssion Control Running Shoes! Available in G3 Shoe Shop in SM Megamall for Php7,395.

10. Harman Kardon GLA-55
If I was a Dad already this would be the gift that would make me cry out in joy (hahaha). The Harman Kardon GLA-55 is one of the best speaker systems for your Dad’s home or office desk. It has spectacular design and unrivaled sound quality which makes it a compelling offer even at it’s steep price of Php50,000. You can get this at JBL stores.

And that’s a wrap! Happy father’s day again to everyone!

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