Adidas Orange Blue Windbreaker

Adidas Orange Blue Windbreaker

Gone are the days of boring, single color windbreakers that are all about function and are not about style. Here’s a good way to go to the gym, take a walk around the village, or run a fun run. Wear this windbreaker from Adidas. It’s light, thin and the colors are really classy.

Or, if doing those activities isn’t your thing, just take this and bring it along for your movie date. It will keep her warm, at least. This impressive windbreaker will also attract other women, in case the date doesn’t go well. Whatever, really. I’m sure if you buy this you’ll find lots of reasons to wear it–even if there’s no reason to at all. Anything this awesome can be, no, should be, worn anytime.

This awesomeness can be yours for Php 3,895 at any Adidas store.

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