Unbox Giveaway: Adidas Pure Game Gift Packs

The distributors of Adidas Pure Game were generous enough to send us over gift packs to give away here at Unbox. Each pack includes all of the products in the Pure Game line: deodorant, deo-spray, body wash, and the perfume. If you haven’t read our review yet then please do check it out here and […]

Hed Kandi Headphones

Hed Kandi is a UK based company known for their dance compilations and live music events. The Hed Kandi brand is all about being chic, fashionable, and party! It was only natural for them to expand their brand by coming up with their own line of headphones. Hed Kandi is now here in the Philippines […]

Unbox Giveaway: Urbanears Bagis Headphones

We’re giving away the demo unit which we received from Urbanears. We only opened the Urbanears Bagis it to test it out for a few hours as well as take pictures so it’s practically brand new. Mechanics are very simple! Before anything else though, we strongly encourage you to like the Unbox Facebook Page and […]

Davidoff Champion

Davidoff has been around for quite a while now. I can still remember their flagship men’s perfume — the venerable Davidoff Cool Waters. It’s been in the market for over a decade but it still has a strong following. They launched a new fragrance for men last year called the Davidoff Champion and it’s been […]

a-Jays Four In-Ear Headphones Review

We received a test unit of the a-Jays Four In-Ear Headphones around 2 weeks ago. We’ve tested it quite heavily and exhausted all the features so that we can give a good in-depth review for everyone. For most of the testing period we’ve used it on an iPhone 4, iPod Nano, and the iPad (1 […]

L.A. Noire Preview

3:30pm, Joe’s Diner. The cool breeze is a welcome sight here in this summer light. The kids are out playing, mindlessly keeping themselves busy as kids always do. I miss being a kid. My buddies and I would pretend we’d be playing Cowboys and Indians. I’m always on the side of the law, that’s why […]

Editorial: Dove Men + Care: Real Men do it for their Women

I came to realize that Dove Men + Care’s grooming products aren’t for every guy. There’s a tendency for a lot of men to shy away from skin care and grooming products because they feel like it’s not “macho”. However the point of looking good is not just about you feeling great about yourself. It’s […]

Latest Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 2 Trailer

In case you missed it, here’s the latest trailer for the last Harry Potter movie coming out this July. A word of Caution though: SPOILERS AHEAD. Also comment below if you feel Voldemort yelled too many times. “YEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW” 😀 If that doesn’t entice you to grab the next Muggle and rejoice, I don’t know what […]

Thor Movie Poster Giveaway!

As promised we have another giveaway for the Unbox community! This time we have 3 gigantic movie posters of Thor up for grabs. Thanks again to our friends from Solar Entertainment for their support! Anyway, mechanics are the same as the ones for the Captain America Poster Giveaway. See below. 1. Like the Unbox Facebook […]

Dark Knight Rises Update: Meet Alberto Falcone

As we’re treated to a Superhero cinema-year, nothing excites me more (yes more than Captain America, which Unbox.ph is giving free posters of) than Dark Knight 3 (working-title Dark Knight Rises). Heath Ledger set the bar pretty high though with his performance as the Joker so the pressure will ultimately be on the shoulders of […]

Ford Focus 2010

We were driving to Tagaytay last night and we saw the 2010 Ford Focus Hatchback on SLEX. It’s a beautiful car and it will definitely grab your attention with it’s innovative design (especially the rear). While I marveled at it my wife gave the weirdest comment though by saying it looked like a giant bar […]

Acer Iconia

t’s been a while since we last saw a PC laptop that just grabs your attention the moment you see it. The Acer Iconia is a 14-inch dual screen and multi-touch laptop. It’s not just all looks since it’s powered by an Intel Core i5 2.66 GH, 4GB RAM, and it even has 640GB HDD. […]