Editorial: Dove Men + Care: Real Men do it for their Women

Editorial: Dove Men + Care: Real Men do it for their Women

I came to realize that Dove Men + Care’s grooming products aren’t for every guy. There’s a tendency for a lot of men to shy away from skin care and grooming products because they feel like it’s not “macho”. However the point of looking good is not just about you feeling great about yourself. It’s also showing that you respect those you’re going to be with enough so that you always make sure you’re at your best. A real man isn’t really the type that just sits at home all day playing games and drinking beer. Real men treat ladies properly and one way of doing that is through proper grooming.

That’s where Dove can help you. First we’ll look at the Dove Men + Care body wash.  This nifty product works like this: You know that extra 10 minutes of sleep you always wanted in the mornings? The Body Wash can give you that.

This Body Wash works both as a body wash and a facial wash, allowing you to save a step (or two) from your bathing routine. It comes in three variants, Clean Comfort, Extra Fresh, and Deep Clean. The Deep Clean has micro beads that are mixed well with Dove’s patented Micromoisture technology giving the skin that clean deep scrub it needs without leaving it dry. Simply put, it’s like getting a spa treatment. Except no one has to know you had one. 😀

If you’re not into Body washes then try the Body Bar (or Soap) variant as well. It has the same benefits, but personally I prefer the Body Wash more.

Dove Men + Care makes you feel like a real gentleman. It’s that perfect combination of feeling clean, smooth and accomplished which can create that certain amount of suave in you. Plus it smells great! Your woman will definitely appreciate the effort to look and smell good.

Go ahead. Try it and grab a Dove Men + Care: Body Wash. You probably won’t understand, but your skin and your woman will.

How much does it cost? Dove Men + Care: Body Wash at SRP Php 170.00-180.00 while the Body Bars (Soap Bar variant) are sold for Php 60.00.

Unbox Tip: Dove Men + Care Deep Clean Body Wash can be found in most SM and Watsons Stores, and leading supermarkets nationwide.

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