a-Jays Four In-Ear Headphones Review

a-Jays Four In-Ear Headphones Review

We received a test unit of the a-Jays Four In-Ear Headphones around 2 weeks ago. We’ve tested it quite heavily and exhausted all the features so that we can give a good in-depth review for everyone. For most of the testing period we’ve used it on an iPhone 4, iPod Nano, and the iPad (1 and 2). Here’s a quick summary of the review just in case you don’t have time to read through the entire article:


  • Superb sound quality. Will elaborate on details below.
  • Clear reception and mic when you use it for calls.
  • iPod/iPhone controls are easy to use.
  • Sleek design. Goes well with the iPhone 4.
  • Noise “suppression”


  • You need to experiment with the different earbuds to find the perfect fit, otherwise it can become uncomfortable. That’s the problem with most In-Ear headphones and the a-Jays Four hasn’t solved that issue.
  • I found the bass to be a bit lacking. It’s good but it can be better.


  • Most of the problems we encountered aren’t really deal breakers. The a-Jays Four is one of the best iPhone headphones available in the market. It feels like it was made for the iPhone in design, quality, and features. If you can afford it, we highly recommend it.

Full Review
You can tell from the packaging that the a-Jays Four isn’t your ordinary headphones. The solid black plastic box has a paper label at the middle showcasing the main features: the beautifully designed and powerful headphones, the clear microphone, and the remote control. The packaging also goes out of it’s way to say that the product was made for the Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad. The quality, design, and features live up to that pronouncement.

The a-Jays Four box comes with several silicone earbuds (different sizes) that you can try on for a perfect fit. Like what we said above the biggest problem with in-ear headphones is that it can become very uncomfortable if the earbuds aren’t a snug fit for your ears.

The cable isn’t also your regular thin cable. The a-Jays Four has flat cables resembling fettuccine. The reason for this is that they wanted to make it “tangle-free”. While it doesn’t necessarily live up to that statement 100%, it’s still much easier to handle and untangle compared to usual cables from other headphones. You can just roll this up in your palm, stick it in your pocket, take it out, and quickly pull to straighten it. Since the a-Jays Four are in-ear headphones you won’t have any problem with portability as well. It won’t take up too much space on your bag unlike on-ear or over-ear cans.

The a-Jays Four has a remote control unit on the strap which you can use for your iPod and phone functions. There are three buttons. The top and lower are for volume while the middle button changes in function depending on the number of times you press it. If you’re using it for your iPod you can press it twice to go to the next song and thrice to go back to the previous one. For phone calls you press it for answering and ending calls.

I’ve tried a lot of headphones with built-in mics and I have to say that the a-Jays Four is the best product I’ve ever tried for taking and making calls. The voice on the other end is crystal clear and you don’t have to grab the mic and put it close to your mouth for the other person on the line to hear you. It’s so easy to just walk around and work all-day while listening to music and then just answer and make calls with a press of the button on the remote control on the cable.

In terms of sound quality the a-Jays Four delivers detailed mids which lets your clearly differentiate between all the instruments being used in the songs. It’s a much better listening experience compared to the default Apple headphones. It also has punchier bass but it’s not as deep as I would have wanted. By the way these headphones are screamers. If you have the volume at max you’ll probably quickly take them off in pain. Make sure to put the volume always at the middle and just adjust accordingly to your personal preference.

Over-all, the a-Jays Four In-Ear Headphones is a superb product that will totally compliment your iPhone. Super sound quality, professional design, crystal clear microphones, and the in-line easy-to-use remote control make it a good buy at Php4,449.

If you want to buy one I recently saw some stocks at the A Shop in Podium. Here’s a link to the list of their retailers as well. You can also order online via their website.



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