L.A. Noire Preview

L.A. Noire Preview

3:30pm, Joe’s Diner.

The cool breeze is a welcome sight here in this summer light. The kids are out playing, mindlessly keeping themselves busy as kids always do. I miss being a kid. My buddies and I would pretend we’d be playing Cowboys and Indians. I’m always on the side of the law, that’s why I’m probably here right now.

The coffee’s gone cold in Joe’s Diner and a couple of cars passed by us when my partner looked me up again and showed me his notes. “Attempted murder?”, it says. But that’s our speculation.

The coroner and the city cops all think this was some misguided accident—everything that it ought to seem to be. Of course, when you’re working for the Bureau, it’s a whole new ball game. Always.

You don’t get to where we are if you ain’t got what it takes. And that’s what this here is all about. L.A. Noire, the game says. Heh. Game. This is Rockstar Games’ (the maker of Grand Theft Auto) new baby. They say it plays out like a crime story. I tell them they’re right—but maybe even more. With more than 20 cases to be solved it’s more like watching a whole detective series. And it’s not just about gathering evidence and chasing bad guys—there’s a lot of work involved. In this here game, interrogation is key. And I ain’t playin’ ya.

You see, L.A. Noire uses this new technology that captures people’s emotion on screen. So you’ll have to be keen on reading if people are tellin’ the truth, or lyin’ through their teeth. You don’t get to be in the Bureau if you can’t do that.

If you’re still not convinced, check this 14-minute gameplay video by the guys at Kotaku.

Jazz is playing in the background as I finish my cigarette and cold coffee. Jeez, it’s hot in this afternoon heat, and I think with the evidence we got, things will get a little bit hotter.

L.A. Noire was scheduled to be out for the Microsoft 360 and Playstation 3 in Data Blitz last, May 17.
But after calling them up, they told me that their shipment hasn’t arrived yet.
We’ll update you when they become available.

UPDATE: Datablitz now has L.A. Noire! The PS3 version costs Php 2,295 and the Xbox 360 version costs Php 1,995. Go grab your copies now!

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