Too Good to Be True? We Answer 5 Questions about the realme Note 50

Too Good to Be True? We Answer 5 Questions about the realme Note 50

A lot of people were surprised with the realme Note 50: aside from its already low SRP of Php 3,599, it was even offered for as low as Php 2,499. When we posted the Note 50’s promo price on Facebook, people wonder if realme’s deal is too good to be true:


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Let’s answer these questions based on our experience with the realme Note 50:

“Pang-FB lang yan”

Armed with a Unisoc T612 processor, the Note 50 functioned smoothly when we used it to multitask between TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.

There’s practically no trace of any lag or slowdown during our time with it, and we definitely feel the responsiveness of the Note 50’s 90hz refresh rate. Again, we’re talking about an under Php 4k phone, and the Note 50 is a smooth performer for its price.


‘Kaya ba niya sa gaming?”

While you can’t expect too much for gaming, the T612 is at par with processors like the Helio G85. Even with a modest internals that consists of “just” 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, we’re surprised that the Note 50 can actually run Mobile Legends at Ultra settings with high frame rate mode enabled.


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Should you want to push the Note 50 further, you can run Honkai Star Rail at low graphics, and you can run Genshin Impact at low graphics as well. We’re not comfortable with installing the latter, however, as the file size of Genshin Impact will eat up half of the Note 50’s storage.


“Ok ba cameras niya?”

The Note 50’s cameras will not match what you see on an iPhone or any Galaxy S series device, but the photos we got from its 13-megapixel camera are serviceable. Photos are decent in low light, but struggle when it gets dark.

The same applies for the 5-megapixel selfie camera: you need good lighting for good photos.

Overall, its hard to ask much for the Note 50’s cameras, but you can get good shots with it. After all, “it’s in the Indian, not the pana.”


“Pang-matagalan ba siya?”

The Note 50 has the usual 5000mAh battery that we are all familiar with, and the battery life is surprising: we got 19 hours and 30 minutes of battery life in PCMark, which easily translates to almost 2 days of use before needing to charge it.

Granted that the 10w charging is slow for 2024 standards, the Note 50 does have a USB-C port. That saves you from fumbling for another cable that’s not USB-C.


“Hindi naman siguro replica yan…”

We make this clear: the Note 50 is a real deal from realme, and is not any of those suspicious AAA imitation phones you’d find in the marketplace. We don’t know why realme decided to release a phone this affordable, but we think it’s their way of competing well in the low-end market, which is a win-win for consumers.

That should clear up most (if not all) of your questions about the realme Note 50 as its most affordable phone to date.



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  • bayagbagking , January 27, 2024

    People expect a lot from a sub 5k phone, nakakatawa mga comments. And to answer your question why Realme released this phone? Transsion holdings (owners of tecno, infinix, itel) has been killing it in the budget segment, a segment that Realme and Redmi used to lord over.

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