Smart LTE Internet (4G)

Smart LTE Internet (4G)

Unbox dropped by the PLDT Investors Meeting this afternoon at Dusit Hotel to get a preview of the Smart LTE (4G) Internet Service. This is the product that’s going to go head-to-head with Globe’s HSPA+ 4G. We did a couple of speed tests in the demo area and the internet connection came out with a whopping 45mbps. That’s like 20x faster than what I have right now at home.

Together with fellow bloggers Noemi, Azrael, and Jane, we tested the connection and we were all amazed to see HD movies being streamed on Youtube (720p) with no lag or delay!

I asked Smart when this will roll out and they said that it will be available end of the year in selected areas. There also isn’t any official pricing yet. Will update this entry when I have more official product details.

Makes you wonder though what you’ll do with a 45MBPS connection. With 2-3MBPS I’m pretty much set already with my usual blogging, e-mailing, and surfing. The biggest benefit that a speed bump will do is let me enjoy more high quality video without the need for buffering as well as big downloads. That said it looks like 4G technology like LTE and HSPA+ will pave the way for social TV and better mobile internet.

Possibilities are definitely endless. Can’t wait for 4G to materialize and become reality here in the Philippines! 🙂



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