DITO Announces Level-Up Meta Data Promos

Aside from revealing Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera as their latest endorsers for their #DITOSaPusoKo campaign, DITO also revealed their new Level-Up Meta data promos, which cater to those using apps like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Threads. The Level-Up Meta data promos starts as low as Php 20 for 1 day, where you get […]

Meta to Mark All Content Generated by AI

You will soon not remind your boomer parents if they come across any AI-generated content, as Meta has announced that they will be flagging such content. In their press release, Meta said that they will be implementing changes on how they will handle “manipulated media” on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads based on feedback from their […]

Meta Announces Ad-Free Tiers for Facebook, Instagram in EU

Meta officially announced its ad-free tier to Facebook and Instagram users in the EU, EAA, and Switzerland area starting in November. This is part of Meta’s compliance with European regulations, where the paid tiers aim to give better privacy protection to its users. Meta is imposing a hefty price tag for an ad-free experience on […]

Meta Keeps Allowing These Scam Businesses To Reach You. Why?

If you’ve been looking at your Facebook feed recently, you’ve probably seen sponsored posts of Marshall Philippines cutting prices by 80% for their most popular models. Only they’re not, as there is no massive sale and this isn’t the official page of Marshall Philippines. It’s a page run by god knows who, and are probably […]

Meta May Offer Paid, Ad-free Facebook In Europe

Meta is reportedly seriously considering a paid, ad-free subscription for both Facebook and Instagram in the EU, a decision likely spurred on by higher data privacy standards in the region according to the New York Times. There’s no word on how much these ad-free subscription tiers would be, though it’s pretty much guaranteed that an […]

Metal Slug: Awakening Opens Pre-Registration

After it was teased for a soft launch in the Philippines last month, VNGGames has officially kicked off the pre-registration for mobile game Metal Slug: Awakening. As one of the most legendary game IP of all time, Metal Slug: Awakening will be made available to both iOS and Android. Inheriting the classical Metal Slug gaming […]

Meta Challenges Google, OpenAI with Open-Source AI

With its desire to stay competitive with the likes of Google and OpenAI, Meta announced that they are working on their own AI model in partnership with Microsoft. Instead of going for generative AI, Meta opted to develop Llama, which is a language model that’s specifically developed for researchers. Making Llama unique is that it […]

Meta Verified Priced at Php 499 in the Philippines

UPDATE: Meta Verified for web is priced at Php 420 in the Philippines. After announcing back in February that they will be offering paid verification for Facebook and Instagram accounts, it seems that Meta is slowly rolling out its verified service to several countries including the Philippines. While most creators (including the author) are placed […]

Metal Slug: Awakening Philippines Soft Launch Set for June 28

Upcoming mobile game Metal Slug: Awakening is set to have a soft launch on June 28 across six markets in Asia that includes Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Metal Slug: Awakening will be available exclusively on Android, where users can begin downloading the game from June 27, 2PM and participate at the […]

The ROG Matrix RTX 4090 Comes with Liquid Metal Cooling

If a “regular” RTX 4090 is not powerful enough for your needs, ASUS has unveiled the ultimate form with the ROG Matrix RTX 4090 at COMPUTEX 2023. What makes this GPU insane is that it is the first of its kind to use a liquid metal thermal compound to bring out the best possible out-of-the-box […]

Meta to Revamp Instagram Notes with Twitter-like Text Feed

With Twitter being a total mess lately, it seems that Meta wants to take advantage of that. A leaked slide reveals that Meta might be working on a text feed feature for Instagram. While the said slide is not in high resolution, it’s clear enough to see that Meta appears to have copied Twitter’s text […]

MetaverseGo Launches Wen Lambo Campaign

MetaverseGo continues its push to make Web3 and Blockchain more accessible to Filipinos with the launch of its Wen Lambo campaign. Under this campaign, users can access a variety of games and game boosters through the purchase of Game Passes, where they earn gold as they play games. As users play games and earn gold, […]