Meta to Revamp Instagram Notes with Twitter-like Text Feed

Meta to Revamp Instagram Notes with Twitter-like Text Feed

With Twitter being a total mess lately, it seems that Meta wants to take advantage of that. A leaked slide reveals that Meta might be working on a text feed feature for Instagram. While the said slide is not in high resolution, it’s clear enough to see that Meta appears to have copied Twitter’s text feed feature–and implemented it to suit the visuals of Instagram.

You’ve probably heard about this feature before, and you’re not wrong: Meta previously announced last December 2022 that Instagram will have a “notes” feature that will allow users to share posts that have up to 60 characters that can be a mix of text and emojis. That feature did not arrive in the Instagram app as of this writing, so this new upcoming text-based app might be a more refined version.

Just like Twitter, this Instagram Text Feed (or rather, the new version of the previously-announced “notes” app) allows you to like, reply, and share these text posts–on top of being able to add images, videos (up to 5 minutes) and links per post. Aside from that, each post can have as many as 500 characters.

The slide also mentions that this new Instagram Text-based app will sync with your Instagram account–basically, you will follow the same people you follow on Instagram on the upcoming text-based app.

Aside from being able to sync with Instagram, this upcoming app will support other platforms like Mastodon–something that’s lacking with Twitter. It will carry over Instagram’s safety features, so whatever account you blocked and whatever words you’ve hidden are carried over to this new platform.

Meta plans to roll out this new text-based Instagram app as early as June, so we should hear an official announcement from them soon.

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