Meta to Mark All Content Generated by AI

Meta to Mark All Content Generated by AI

You will soon not remind your boomer parents if they come across any AI-generated content, as Meta has announced that they will be flagging such content. In their press release, Meta said that they will be implementing changes on how they will handle “manipulated media” on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads based on feedback from their Oversight Board.

“We agree with the Oversight Board’s argument that our existing approach is too narrow since it only covers videos that are created or altered by AI to make a person appear to say something they didn’t say.,” Meta explained, adding that their policy on manipulated media was written back in 2020 when content generated by AI was not as rampant.

As part of its measures, Meta will be labeling manipulated content with a “Made with AI” level based on their technical standards for identifying AI content. Aside from that, Meta has also added an “Imagined with AI” label to photorealistic images that were created using their AI feature.

Aside from this move, Meta adds that they have “a network of nearly 100 independent fact-checkers” to review false and misleading AI-generated content.

Meta adds that they will start labeling AI-generated content in May 2024, and will stop removing content solely based on Meta’s manipulated video policy in July. It remains to be seen if this will also address the abundance of business scams on Facebook that are not flagged by Meta despite multiple reports.

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