Meta Verified Priced at Php 499 in the Philippines

Meta Verified Priced at Php 499 in the Philippines

UPDATE: Meta Verified for web is priced at Php 420 in the Philippines.

After announcing back in February that they will be offering paid verification for Facebook and Instagram accounts, it seems that Meta is slowly rolling out its verified service to several countries including the Philippines.

While most creators (including the author) are placed on a waitlist, some local creators have been informed that they are qualified for Meta Verified.

In a post by Manila Times Reporter Red Mendoza, he shared that Meta Verified will be priced at Php 499 a month in the Philippines, which is way lower than the pricing in the US. For reference, the US pricing of Meta Verified is $12 for web and $15 for mobile, which translates to around Php 700 and Php 900 respectively.

In comparison to Twitter Blue, Meta Verified is more expensive. In the Philippines, Twitter Blue is priced at Php 440 a month, and a Php 4,600 annual subscription brings down the price to around Php 385 a month.

What perks are you getting with Meta Verified? Aside from a Meta Verified badge that’s visible on your profile, you get extra account security, direct support, and more stickers–the latter being an almost useless perk unless you love spamming your Facebook post with stickers.

Right now, it’s hard to recommend if Meta Verified offers better value for money over Twitter Blue (especially with Twitter being a mess as of late), so we highly advise you to spend wisely for these paid social media subsciptions.

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