Apple iPhone 15 Series Finally Welcomes USB-C

After almost a decade since using a Lightning Port starting with the iPhone 5, Apple is finally making the complete transition to USB-C starting with the iPhone 15 series. Consisting of the 6.1-inch regular model and 6.7-inch Plus, both models also adopt Dynamic Island, making the whole iPhone series also move on from having a […]

USB-C on the iPhone 15 MIGHT have a Catch

As much as we’re excited to see USB-C on the iPhone 15 series, there might be a catch to it. Whether Apple likes it or not, they have no choice but to use USB-C on the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 15 series. While that may sound like a win for everyone who has been […]

Why Apple Should Adapt USB-C on the iPhone

Lightning and USB-C cables are the two most popular charging cables on the market. Both cables have the same function—connection, communication, and charging. However, there’s still a good reason why iPhone should adapt the USB-C cable. First of all, the main difference between the two cable types is that Lightning is a proprietary connector used […]

Here’s A First Look at Apple’s 18W USB-C Charger for iPhones

To ship together with 2018 iPhones? One of the major complaints with iPhones is that they ship with an old and slow-charging 5W power adapter, regardless if you buy an iPhone SE or an iPhone X. While the latter (along with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) support fast charging, one has to fork up […]

Apple Hasn’t Given Up on the iPhone SE

The 3rd-Gen iPhone SE is already showing its age: it is the only iPhone in Apple’s lineup with a home button, thick top and bottom bezels, and a single camera. The current design of the 3rd-Gen iPhone SE will be close to 4 years old by 2024 (it received a processor bump in 2022), and […]

Here are the iPhone 15 Pre-Order Freebies from Beyond the Box

If you pre-ordered your iPhone 15 via Beyond the Box, you’re in for a treat. After kicking off pre-orders last October 12, Beyond the Box has revealed the freebies it will be including for every iPhone 15 pre-order. The freebies that Beyond the Box will include for every iPhone 15 pre-order are valued at over […]

Here are the Best iPhone 15 Deals in the Philippines

Tomorrow (October 12) is the start of pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series in the Philippines. While the iPhone 15 is more expensive in the Philippines than in other countries, buying at official retailers gives you better peace of mind with warranties. To make your iPhone 15 purchase more affordable, there are many ways you […]

Google thinks the Pixel 8 Pro is better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max

With the Pixel 8 series set to launch in a few days, Google takes a swipe at Apple yet again, thinking that the Pixel 8 Pro will be better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. As part of its #BestPhonesForever series, Google’s latest banter against Apple has the iPhone 15 Pro Max being “worried” about […]

AirPods Pro 2nd Generation Gets Updated with USB-C

To go along with the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro series’ shift to USB-C from Lightning, Apple has silently updated the 2nd Generation AirPods Pro with a USB-C port as well. Aside from the port upgrade, it is essentially the same with the 2nd Generation AirPods Pro that was announced in September last year. Beyond […]

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Series Debuts A17 Pro, Titanium Frame

Apple’s full transition to USB-C for its iPhones also extends to the iPhone 15 Pro series, with the more premium models having support for USB 3.1 speeds (the regular iPhone 15 series are limited to USB 2.0). Apple also makes use of a titanium frame instead of stainless steel for the first time in the […]

iPhone 15 Series to Launch on September 12

It’s official: Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 15 series will launch on September 12 (US Time) with the theme “Wanderlust”. We know a lot about the upcoming iPhone 15 series, and one of the big changes that’s expected to occur is its shift to USB-C from Lightning. There might be a catch though: only […]

iPhone 15 Series Might Catch Up with Android in Battery Capacity

One of the main criticisms about the iPhone 14 series–aside from using a dated Lightning port–is that they come with batteries that are smaller than most Android phones in the market. However, there’s promising news for the entire iPhone 15 series, as they will reportedly get a bigger battery capacity. According to these reports, the iPhone […]