Apple Hasn’t Given Up on the iPhone SE

Apple Hasn’t Given Up on the iPhone SE

The 3rd-Gen iPhone SE is already showing its age: it is the only iPhone in Apple’s lineup with a home button, thick top and bottom bezels, and a single camera. The current design of the 3rd-Gen iPhone SE will be close to 4 years old by 2024 (it received a processor bump in 2022), and Apple is expected to replace it soon. To be known as iPhone SE 4 (or 4th-Gen), new reports from MacRumors state that Apple will finally retire the iPhone 8 design–and go for an iPhone 14 design instead.

According to the specs sheets obtained by MacRumors, the next-generation iPhone SE will have the same flat frame sides as the iPhone 14, along with an all-screen design with FaceID. The iPhone SE 4 will not be exactly like the iPhone 14: according to the dimensions obtained by MacRumors, the next-generation iPhone SE will be more compact and lighter. Think of it as an iPhone Mini if Apple had not discontinued it since the iPhone 14 series.

There might be an iPhone 14 Mini of sorts, after all.


Being almost 30 grams lighter than the iPhone 14, it seems that Apple is not going to give a dual rear camera setup to the iPhone SE 4. Instead, it will stick with a single 48-megapixel rear camera. This does make sense, as it will be a key distinguishing feature in making the next-generation SE a mid-range device.

Going with the overall build, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to have an aluminum and glass build, with Black as one of the color options. And just like the iPhone 15 series, expect USB-C on all 2024 iPhones. What will be surprising is that Apple will make the Action Button standard across its entire 2024 iPhone lineup.

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