Here are the Best iPhone 15 Deals in the Philippines

Here are the Best iPhone 15 Deals in the Philippines

Tomorrow (October 12) is the start of pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series in the Philippines. While the iPhone 15 is more expensive in the Philippines than in other countries, buying at official retailers gives you better peace of mind with warranties.

To make your iPhone 15 purchase more affordable, there are many ways you can get them at lower than SRP—or with better overall value. Here’s a breakdown of the best iPhone 15 deals that you can avail of for this month:


Straight Cash. Paying in straight Cash is the usual best option to get the iPhone 15 for lower than SRP. In stores like Beyond the Box, you can get at least a Php 6k discount on any iPhone 15 model if you pay straight cash, and that discount can go higher depending on the variant you plan to buy. For perspective, you can get as much as Php 11k in discount if you plan to buy the 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max.

While cash discounts are available even after the initial sale, not everyone can go for this option unless they really saved up for the iPhone 15 months before the pre-order period.


Credit card promos. Aside from the usual installment plans to make your iPhone 15 purchase less heavy, some credit card companies partnered with Apple retailers for compelling promos. The best one is Metrobank’s one-day-only promo, where those pre-ordering any iPhone 15 on October 12 at Power Mac will get a 15% discount, up to 24 months installment with 0% interest, and a 90-day Shop Now, Pay Later option.

This is arguably your best option to buy the iPhone 15 at a discount–provided that you are a Metrobank cardholder AND are ready to make that pre-order come October 12.


Trade in your old iPhone. There’s an excellent chance that those buying an iPhone 15 intend to upgrade from their old device, and one way to save money is through trade-in promos. Digital Walker is encouraging iPhone 11 to 14 users to go for this route. The trade-in value can range anywhere between Php 1,000 for the iPhone 11 and 12 to Php 56,100 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB.

This offer is great for those who want to recycle their old iPhones. However, you’re getting the best value here IF you are trading an iPhone 14. Trading in any iPhone 13 will only get you a Php 2,000 discount while trading a base 128GB iPhone 14 can get you a Php 28,500 discount. That discount is higher than what Power Mac and Metrobank have to offer.


Postpaid Plans. If you want to get better value for money, availing of a postpaid plan is the next best option. Aside from having a lower initial payment for the iPhone 15, you also get a postpaid plan that suits your mobile data and communication needs. Globe and Smart have a variety of postpaid plans to choose from that usually include unlimited calls and text and a set data allocation.

BONUS: Wait for the pre-order freebies. Since the pre-order period is until October 19, expect official Apple retailers to reveal their bundles for every iPhone 15 purchase. The freebies will vary per store but expect items like a charging brick and a case as among the items that are expected to be bundled. These bundled freebies can be combined with the discounts we mentioned previously, so think of these freebies as an added value to your iPhone 15 purchase.

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