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Best Ergonomic Chairs for Gaming and WFH During Lazada’s 11.11 Sale!

Looks like some of us will still be working from home indefinitely … If you haven’t found a good chair to give your back some support while you work from home, worry not, we’ve done rounds of window shopping for you. Before getting into it, should you need an explanation why 4 out of 5 […]

Self Protection and Home Sanitation Items to Get on Lazada’s 9.9 Sale (September 9)

In times like these you may find yourself being paranoid; if you’re like me, this means spraying your hands with alcohol every 5 minutes, hand-washing more times than you’d care to admit, and nuking everything with Lysol. Doing all of that doesn’t even completely put one’s mind at ease, but it does help go the […]

10 Best Deals from the On-going Xiaomi’s 10th Year Anniversary Sale

Xiaomi’s celebrating their 10th Anniversary with awesome discounts! If you’ve been eyeing on being part of the “numbawan” army, then now’s a good time to jump in so you can score their tech at steal prices. Check out this list of the deals they’re offering that we curated for you: Phones Mi 9T P15,990 to […]

Best JBL Deals at Lazada’s August Sale (Up to 45% OFF)

AHA!  You fell for the clickbait. Just kidding, we know deals like these sound too good to be true sometimes, but trust us, the only thing that will ~sound good~ after you buy anything on this JBL-centric list, is your music/phone calls. We scoured to the long list of deals the brand prepared for shoppers […]

The Best Realme Deals for the Lazada August 6-8 SALE

If you’re part of the Realme Squad already, or you want to be, Lazada’s 8.8 sale is a good time to get more goodies! From the brand’s mid rangers down to its power banks, the brand is offering some pretty sweet deals to be had. Check out this list we’ve curated for you so you […]

10 Dope Budget Wireless Headphones and Earphones in the Philippines Under 5K

So for our monthly financial projections… *neighbor’s dog starts barking*, *child passes by, running and screaming*, * insert other ungodly sounds here* Familiar scenario during your online meetings? While you’re reading or maybe when you’re gaming with your friends? We feel you. Not all of us have the luxury of an enclosed, quiet space and […]

5 Cheap Smartphones Under P5,000 for Online Schooling, Social, and Light Gaming!

“Ano naman gagawin ko sa budget phone? lag naman yan pag dating sa games at kahit sa browsing!” If you said that to us 5-7 years ago, we might have agreed with you. But now, we’re lucky to be living in a time where mainstream phone brands pump out a new model every 3 or […]

7.15 Lazada Sale Challenge: 5 realme Products You Can Buy With Php 20K

How many products from Realme can you buy with Php 20K in your pocket? Surprisingly a lot. While Realme isn’t pushing steep discounts for its products during Lazada’s 7.15 mid-year Bounce Back Sale compared to its competitors, there are still a lot of products that have been discounted for the event. We checked out the […]

Ergonomic WFH and Gaming Chairs on SALE (Lazada July 15 Bounce Back Sale)

Tired of sitting, all cramped up, in your wooden stool or your monoblock chair? Now is one of the best times to upgrade to an office/gaming chair and complete your wfh setup/battle station! Check out this list we’ve made for you of the wildest chair deals we’ve seen this 7.15 Mid Year Bounce Back Sale: […]

Logitech Gaming Gear and Accessories on SALE During the Lazada 7.15 Bounce Back Sale!

The time for one of Lazada’s big sales is upon us again. Let us be your guide so you don’t get lost in the sea of good deals and steals; curated buying guides are coming your way so you don’t end up with three toasters from three different brands. For this one we’ve got the […]