Mark Marcelo

CloudPad 800w Review: Fast, Long-lasting Intel Powered Tablet

CloudPad 800w full review! Much like locally branded phones, tablets offered by local brands have leveled up. The local tablet scene is barely discernible from the one last year – gone are the sluggish, single core, low resolution offerings with cheap plastic bodies, replaced by fast, quality HD tablets with designs that you’d expect from […]

CloudPad 800W Unboxing: Another Great Intel Powered Tablet?

Meet the CloudPad 800W! In today’s unboxing, we’ll be taking a look at the CloudPad 800w, the local firm’s latest tablet offering. Much like the Starmobile Engage 9i, the CloudPad 800W uses the same Intel Atom Z2580 processor, running at 2.0GHz. The CloudPad 800W is aimed at the same market as the Engage 9i, so […]

Starmobile Diamond D3 Review: Same Quality Selfie Photos of the Muse for Less

A great alternative to the Starmobile Muse! We are all guilty of taking selfies on our smartphones. It’s a guilty pleasure for most us, especially now that most smartphones have front facing cameras that make it easy to take a selfie. Unfortunately, not all front facing cameras are made equally – some are decent, but […]

Starmobile Diamond D3 Unboxing: Your Next Selfie Smartphone?

Meet the Starmobile Diamond D3 Starmobile newest and greatest, the Diamond X1 has been getting all the love lately from the tech press. In fact, we were all so focused on their octa-core powerhouse, that we almost didn’t notice that the company unveiled another smartphone, the Diamond D3. Almost. Today, we’ll be unboxing the company’s […]

Kata Fishtab 3 Review: Great Value for Money

Great mix of price, specs, and performance While it’s not hard to find smartphones that have a good mix of solid specs and price, it’s considerably more difficulty to find an Android tablet that has both. We’ve seen a couple of devices before that managed to impress us, but not as many as we would […]

MyPhone Agua Cyclone Review: Simple But Powerful qHD Smartphone

It might be plain looking, but don’t let that fool you Smartphones have inevitably become fashion accessories these days. And much like fashion accessories, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are particularly glitzy with faux metal accents loud colors. Some are simple, yet elegant devices – almost plain looking things that are valued […]

MyPhone Agua Cyclone Unboxing: Strong qHD Equipped Smartphone

MyPhone might have a winner with the Agua Cyclone Smartphones with qHD displays have become the norm these days. Local smartphone brands wisely started putting qHD displays on their smartphones from 5-inches up to increase the value proposition for their smartphones. MyPhone is the latest local brand to embrace the trend with their MyPhone Agua […]

Kata i3 Review: Kata Enters Local Market with a Bang

Awesome mix of features, design and price We’ve seen local brand’s market share grow exponentially last year because of the undeniable value for money that their products offered. But even after making inroads into the local smartphone market, questions about their quality and reliability remain, mainly because of the products that they initially offered when […]

Kata i3 Unboxing: Surprise Dark Horse of Local Smartphones?

Kata i3 Unboxing! Low-key company Kata Digital has always kept themselves under the radar ever since they set-up shop in the Philippines. That all changed during their launch of the Kata i3, and they reached out to local technology bloggers to spread the word and to meet and greet the tech press. During the event, […]

Kata Makes a Splash in the PH with Kata i3

HK based brand wants to make it big in PH Not many people know who Kata is, even though the HK based company has been in the Philippines for over 3 years now since beginning Philippine operations back in March 2011. Established in 2010 in Hong Kong, Kata used to be in the software applications […]