GCash Waives QR Transaction Fees for Micro-Merchants

Despite its recent announcement that it will charge fees for cash-ins via BPI and Unionbank, GCash supports micro merchants by waiving QR transaction fees until the end of 2023. For those not familiar with the term, micro-merchants refer to businesses with a smaller scale. These include sari-sari store owners, public market vendors, and online sellers. […]

GCash Lauds PNP, DOJ, NBI for Crackdown Vs Cybercriminals

Following its partnership with DOJ, NBI, and the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group, GCash reports that the three government agencies did their job well in cracking down against alleged cybercriminals in the past few months. Their recent operations were able to arrest perpetrators of various scams like love scams and task scams, along with being able to […]

GCash to Charge Transaction Fees for BPI, Unionbank Cash In

One of the main selling points of GCash is that it has no fees for cash ins made via linked BPI or Unionbank accounts. As much as GCash wants to keep that feature, factors like inflation have forced it to end its zero transaction fee feature for linked BPI and Unionbank accounts. GCash made the […]

Huawei Wearables to Support GCash QR Payment Soon

Wearables these days have become so advanced that in other countries, people would make payments with just a tap from their smartwatch. While the said tech has yet to arrive in the Philippines, Huawei confirmed that they are working with GCash to bring QR payments to their future wearables. This was revealed recently at the […]

Cherry x GCash Back to School Promo: All the Best Deals

Cherry and GCash team up with their back-to-school deals, where you can avail of these Cherry products with great bundles through GCash’s GLife until August 21. One of the best deals Cherry has to offer through GCash is for its Aqua Smart TV: those getting the UHD 55-inch model will get a plethora of freebies […]

Goodbye Scammers: GCash Partners with PNP Anti-cybercrime Unit

GCash Expands Alipay+ Partnership to Select Countries in Europe

GCash further expands its partnership with Alipay+ by allowing users to use the Ewallet platform in Europe. Some of the key countries included are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Itay. The cross-border payment service is part of GCash’s Global Pay service, which helps its customers have the convenience of hassle-free payments right in the […]

NPC: No Breach in GCash; Gambling Sites involved in Modus

With GCash stating that the May 8 incident involved phishing and that no breach has occurred, the independent investigation made by the National Privacy Commission (NPC) further confirms that there was no security breach. “As far as data privacy is concerned in determining kung na-breach nga ba sila o hindi, sa ating pagsisiyasat, hindi sila […]

Maya Takes Swipe on GCash: Claims 99% Uptime, Zero Fees

With all the brouhaha GCash faced last week involving a phishing attempt that prompted them to put their app on maintenance for several hours, Maya is quick enough to take a swipe at its e-wallet competitor—citing some of its advantages. In what appears to be a series of campaigns, Maya’s first swipe at Gcash involves […]

GCash: May 8 Incident Involved Phishing Outside of the App

While the BSP and the NPC are set to conduct their own investigation as to what happened to GCash last May 8, the -e-wallet platform has sent us an official statement explaining what happened. Reiterating their previous comments, GCash explained that “no hacking nor glitch” occurred in their platform. Instead, GCash said the May 8 […]

Possible Data Breach? NPC to Probe GCash “Glitch” Incident

Aside from the BSP and Congress, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) is also conducting its investigation on the GCash hack attempt, where they are investigating a possible data breach involving compromised accounts. To recall, GCash’s initial findings on the incident, where they foiled a supposed hack attempt that involved Php 37 million, the fraudster made […]

GCash Steps Up Efforts, Blocks over 900,000 Fraudulent Accounts

Despite the ordeal it had to deal with this week, where around Php 37 million of funds were seized in a hack attempt, GCash assures everyone that it is stepping up its efforts toward hunting down online scammers. In a statement, GCash disclosed that they have helped anti-cybercrime agents in arresting an online seller who […]

Goodbye Scammers: GCash Partners with PNP Anti-cybercrime Unit

Senator to GCash Users: Report Unauthorized Transactions ASAP

Following all the events that happened to GCash this week, where the use of phishing links is seen as the primary cause of the foiled hack attempt, Senator Win Gatchalian urges all e-wallet users, not just those using GCash, to report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions immediately. “Incidents like this (GCash) diminish the confidence of […]