Huawei Wearables to Support GCash QR Payment Soon

Huawei Wearables to Support GCash QR Payment Soon

Wearables these days have become so advanced that in other countries, people would make payments with just a tap from their smartwatch. While the said tech has yet to arrive in the Philippines, Huawei confirmed that they are working with GCash to bring QR payments to their future wearables.

This was revealed recently at the Huawei Developer Conference 2023 in China, where GCash Digital Experience Head Michelle Fernandez-Castillo shared how GCash aims to empower Filipinos to make them financially inclusive. During her talk, Fernandez-Castillo shared that they are working with Huawei to  make its GCash QR payment solution available with the former’s wearables.

Fernandez-Castillo at the Huawei Developer Conference 2023


This is a very welcome development in making contactless payments more accessible in the Philippines. by making QR payments available in wearables, Filipinos will have a more convenient contactless payment option that does not require them to bring out their phone or hand out physical cash. All they need to do is simply show the QR code on their wearable, and they’re good on making a transaction.

There’s no definite timeline yet as to when Huawei’s wearables will have the feature, but make sure to stay tuned, as we will definitely put it to test once they roll it out.

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