GCash Lauds PNP, DOJ, NBI for Crackdown Vs Cybercriminals

GCash Lauds PNP, DOJ, NBI for Crackdown Vs Cybercriminals

Following its partnership with DOJ, NBI, and the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group, GCash reports that the three government agencies did their job well in cracking down against alleged cybercriminals in the past few months. Their recent operations were able to arrest perpetrators of various scams like love scams and task scams, along with being able to seize SIM cards used for dubious purposes.

As part of its efforts, authorities are also working on the arrest of suspects involved in large-scale illegal operations.

“GCash is supportive of the operations of the DOJ, NBI, and PNP-ACG in going after perpetrators. We are an active partner of our law enforcement agencies as we exchange technical knowledge and expertise on the latest cybersecurity measures” GCash Chief Legal Officer Atty. Maria Corazon PMR Alvarez-Adriano said.

GCash is also lobbying for a bill that will criminalize the buying and selling of mule accounts that are used by criminals to hide their identities when transferring illegally-acquired money. Aside from that, GCash is also improving its security features with the full rollout of DoubleSafe, which makes use of facial recognition to assure that the person accessing the account is the same as the one registered.

“With DoubleSafe, even if the users inadvertently give out their MPIN or OTP, their account cannot be accessed from a new device without scanning the owner’s face,” GCash Chief Information Security Officer Miguel Geronilla said.

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