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Globe, DITO Catching up with Smart in Latest Opensignal Findings

While Smart has dominated Opensignal’s mobile network awards in the Philippines in the past few years, both Globe and DITO are catching up nicely against Smart. In fact, Globe did break Smart’s winning streak on overall Video Experience, Games Experience, and Voice App Experience based on Opensignal’s April 2023 report, while DITO is catching up […]

DITO to Offer Satellite Service Soon

Aside from plans to offer postpaid and enterprise services, DITO is also aiming to offer satellite services as well, as confirmed by CTO Rodolfo Santiago. To make this possible, DITO said that they are targeting to conduct pilot tests for satellite technology within the year, with their main target being remote areas where internet access […]

DITO Bundles Prime Video for any Level-Up Pack Purchase

To add further value to its Level-Up packs, DITO is bundling a 1-month Prime Video Mobile subscription across all Level-Up pack tiers—regardless if you subscribe to Level-Up Pack 99, 199, 299, 499, or 999. The promo can be availed until May 24, and this is DITO’s way of being competitive against other telco offerings, where […]

DITO to Enter Postpaid, Enterprise Markets in June

DITO will be expanding its offerings by June by catering to Postpaid and Enterprise customers. In its presscon last Thursday (April 27), Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano told the media that DITO aims to provide cheaper and more reliable alternatives in the postpaid and enterprise market segments. “We leverage as our partner China Tel, some […]

How to Register your DITO SIM in the Philippines 2023

With only a few days to go before the April 26 deadline, barely 50% of SIM cards (44.15% to be specific, as of April 19) in the Philippines are registered. As of April 18, only 36.08% of DITO’s subscribers have registered. In case you haven’t registered your DITO SIM, here’s a quick tutorial on how […]

DITO is Catching up Nicely with Globe, Smart Heading to 2023

Despite DITO being a minority players against Globe and Smart in the mobile telco space, new reports from Opensignal reveal promising findings on the third telco’s performance leading to 2023. One of the metrics Opensignal analyzed is core consistency, which focuses more on network availability and stability over speeds. In its analysis, DITO has edged […]

Globe Improved In 2022, while DITO is Doing Fine with 4G Coverage: Opensignal

With the internet in the Philippines gradually improving, it’s interesting to see how Globe, Smart, and DITO have fared in 2022 so far. While various reports have stated that Smart is still dominant, especially with 5G, it’s hard to ignore that both Globe and DITO are catching up nicely. To understand all the reports we […]

DITO Flagship Experience Store Adds Excitement to Mobile Experience

DITO Telecommunity has officially opened its newest Flagship Experience Store. Read on to find out what’s in store for you. Located at the Cyberzone, 4F Building B of SM Megamall, the said store is an immersive hub divided into zones. This is where you can find DITO’s next-gen technology, products and services, as well as […]

DITO Introduces Postpaid 5G Home Internet Offerings

Those who are still looking for a postpaid internet connection for their homes may wanna consider DITO’s newest offering — the DITO Flash 5G Home Wifi Postpaid. According to the service provider, the internet speed can reach up to 500mbps. Available plans start for as low as Php 990 a month with 180 GB monthly […]

DITO Launches Super Core Data Center in Batangas

Through the help of ZTE Corp., DITO successfully launched its Super Core Data Center in Batangas. It’s a state-of-the-art data center that will improve local digital infrastructure and enhance data services.  According to ZTE President Wan Min, this is the first Tier-III data center in the Philippines with “the most advanced industry innovation technology.” “It will also […]

DITO Telecom Exceeds Expectations In Technical Audit: Faster Than Ever?

DITO Telecom recently hit its 12-million subscribers target way ahead of schedule, but the company is showing no signs of complacency whatsoever. The DITO Telecom team has just announced passing the latest September 2022 technical review audit with flying colors, flying over targets with ease. The company had committed a 70% population coverage and 55 […]

DITO Telecom Hits Goal Of 12M Subscribers, Months Before Target

We had a sit-down discussion with DITO Telecom’s Brand and Marketing Director Jasper Evangelista earlier this year, where he explained to us the company’s goal of 12 million subscribers by 2023. We mentioned back then that this was an optimistic goal since they were at 9 million back then. However, the brand saw exponential growth […]