One month with the DITO Mobile FLEXPlan 888

DITO has been expanding its suite of services across the Philippines over the past few months, and after initially offering prepaid plans to the public, the company has aggressively expanded into the postpaid space as well with its new Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans. DITO gave us a chance to take their FLEXPlan 888 for a spin […]

Eric Alberto Replaces Dennis Uy as DITO CEO

DITO Telcommunity will be undergoing changes in its upper management as Dennis Uy will be stepping down as CEO. DITO CME President Eric Alberto will replace Uy for the position, while Uy will remain as chairman for DITO CME. As a result of this movement, DITO CME COO Donald Lim will be acting president in […]

The DITO Home UNLI 5G WIFI Is One Of The Best Broadband Deals Right Now

Fast, reliable, unlimited internet is as important to today’s homes as electricity and water, but getting broadband internet still isn’t as easy as it’s supposed to be. Cumbersome application processes, line allocation, and limited ports in certain areas make it difficult, if not impossible, for some to get unlimited home broadband. That’s where DITO and […]

DITO Gets Multiple Awards from Opensignal

DITO was recognized by Opensignal for its Upload Experience, Availability, Excellent Consistent Quality, and Core Consistent Quality at the Philippines Mobile Experience Awards. These awards reflect DITO’s commitment to giving Filipinos a great telco service as the fastest-growing telco player in the Philippines. Based on the latest data of Opensignal, DITO was able to beat […]

DITO Expands Market with FlexPlan and Home Unli 5G

DITO continues to expand its presence in the Philippines with new offerings that include its Home Unli 5G and FlexPlan. These two new products are part of DITO’s efforts to empower all Filipinos by giving them access to affordable high-speed 5G connectivity. When it comes to performance, DITO is proud that it achieved 58.8% Excellent […]

DITO Home Unli 5G Promo: Only Php 745/Month Until October 6

Just a day after DITO revealed its Home Unli 5G postpaid service, the telco has pulled off an even better surprise: from July 8 to October 6, DITO will be offering its Home Unli 5G postpaid service at a promo price of Php 745 a month. That’s a 50% discount from the original monthly price […]

DITO Unveils Unlimited 5G Postpaid for Php 1.5k a Month

UPDATE: DITO is offering its Home 5G Unlimited Postpaid service at 50% off starting today (July 8) until October 6. With 5G expanding its coverage in the Philippines, Filipinos get faster and smoother access to information on the Internet. DITO is serious in its investment in 5G, committing to deliver “real” 5G speeds to Filipinos […]

DITO Unveils Flexplan Postpaid Offerings

DITO expands its suite of offerings with Flexplan Postpaid, which it had announced last April as part of its network expansion. To stay competitive against other postpaid offerings, the top-end FlexPlan from DITO is at 1688 for both Handset+SIM and SIM-only plans, while its most affordable offering is at 588. For its handset+SIM plans, FlexPlan […]

Globe, DITO Catching up with Smart in Latest Opensignal Findings

While Smart has dominated Opensignal’s mobile network awards in the Philippines in the past few years, both Globe and DITO are catching up nicely against Smart. In fact, Globe did break Smart’s winning streak on overall Video Experience, Games Experience, and Voice App Experience based on Opensignal’s April 2023 report, while DITO is catching up […]

DITO to Offer Satellite Service Soon

Aside from plans to offer postpaid and enterprise services, DITO is also aiming to offer satellite services as well, as confirmed by CTO Rodolfo Santiago. To make this possible, DITO said that they are targeting to conduct pilot tests for satellite technology within the year, with their main target being remote areas where internet access […]

DITO Bundles Prime Video for any Level-Up Pack Purchase

To add further value to its Level-Up packs, DITO is bundling a 1-month Prime Video Mobile subscription across all Level-Up pack tiers—regardless if you subscribe to Level-Up Pack 99, 199, 299, 499, or 999. The promo can be availed until May 24, and this is DITO’s way of being competitive against other telco offerings, where […]

DITO to Enter Postpaid, Enterprise Markets in June

DITO will be expanding its offerings by June by catering to Postpaid and Enterprise customers. In its presscon last Thursday (April 27), Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano told the media that DITO aims to provide cheaper and more reliable alternatives in the postpaid and enterprise market segments. “We leverage as our partner China Tel, some […]