Cheaper Version Of DITO Home Prepaid Starter Kit Is Just 980

Cheaper Version Of DITO Home Prepaid Starter Kit Is Just 980

The prepaid home WiFi market is heating up, as DITO Telecommunity has announced an even cheaper way to get online. The new DITO Home Prepaid Starter Kit is just Php 980, which is a great price considering it already has everything you need to connect to the net.

For the price you already get a home WiFi router, a SIM card, and 70GB(!) of open access data to start with for 30 days. The data also supports rollovers so if you don’t use all of that data up in one month, it just rolls over to the next month.

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The only downside here is that both the SIM card and the modem are 4G only, so you’re not getting 5G speeds. DITO promises maximum broadband speeds of 50Mbps at 80% reliability, but people looking for faster internet should look at DITO’s faster (but more expensive) 5G Home WiFi Starter Kit. To reiterate, this 4G Home WiFi kit is good for people who need basic internet connectivity at home and will get you decent access to Facebook, YouTube, and streaming video, but if you’re a heavy internet user who downloads a lot of games and whatnot, you should look at the faster (but more expensive) Prepaid 5G options that DITO is offering.

As for the DITO Home Prepaid Starter Kit 980 data plan, you can pay Php 180 for 30GB of data valid for 7 days, and Php 480 for 50GB of data valid for 30 days. All the data plans support data rollover.

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