What the Converge and DITO Partnership does for their Customers

What the Converge and DITO Partnership does for their Customers

2024 kicked off on an interesting note after DITO signed a partnership with Converge for an assets-sharing deal–or Master Facilities Provisioning Agreement if you want the technical term.

As expected, there were a lot of speculations as to why this partnership was initiated–ranging from Converge’s supposed plans to expand the services it currently offers to DITO wanting to merge with Converge. You’ve read all the gossip about this partnership by now, and we’re here to clarify what it means.

Let’s make this clear: No, the partnership does not mean any merger announcements coming soon. Members of the media attempted to ask this question last January 11, and both Converge CEO Dennis Anthony Uy and DITO CEO Eric Alberto made it clear that it is not happening. While that may sound like a PR statement, it makes sense as DITO is still a relatively new player in the industry, having only started operations in 2021.

Outside of merger rumors, there are reports that Converge might expand into the mobile business with its partnership with DITO. We also asked this as well during the presscon, and Alberto made it clear that both parties have no intentions of expanding their services with the signed partnership.

Rumors aside, the assets-sharing agreement that DITO and Converge signed simply means that they will complement each other’s services to improve overall reliability and network performance.

With DITO aggressively setting up new infrastructure in the past few months and several Converge subscribers complaining of multiple service interruptions, the partnership can work both ways. For Converge, this means making their network more resilient in case of issues like fiber cuts. For DITO, this means helping them cover a wider area of their network.

Aside from that, the partnership will complement both Converge’s fixed broadband services and DITO’s mobile services so that their customers can enjoy better overall internet services.

That’s the simple and easy-to-understand explanation of what the partnership means for both DITO and Converge. No need to overthink; we just hope that the customers of both parties will indeed benefit from better services with this partnership.

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