DITO Taps Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera for New Campaign

DITO Taps Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera for New Campaign

As part of celebrating its recognition as the #1 Mobile Network in the Philippines, DITO unveils its latest campaign called “DITO sa Puso Ko”, which features Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera as their latest endorsers. This campaign celebrates their love for DITO with all the DITOZENS who motivate DITO’s constant pursuit of excellent customer satisfaction and digital innovations.

The online video showcases not just DITO’s latest milestone, but also its unwavering dedication to enriching the lives of Filipinos by providing them with reliable connectivity and innovative solutions.

“Our newest campaign isn’t just about showcasing our products and services; it’s about celebrating the mutual love that we have with our millions of DITOzens.Truly grateful that we are now number one in their hearts and minds,” DITO Chief Revenue Officer for Consumer Evelyn Jimenez said.

DITO selected Dingdong and Marian for its latest campaign, as the celebrity couple is known not just in the entertainment industry but also for inspiring positive change and growth across various communities. “Being the digital stars of DITO signifies not just a collaboration but a sweeping movement across the country—a shared vision of empowering and connecting more Filipinos nationwide,” DITO Brand and Marketing Director Jasper Evangelista said.

“We only started with thousands of subscribers, and now, after three years, we have millions of DITOzens who love and trust our brand and our products. And because of that, we are really grateful.” Jimenez added.

You can watch DITO’s #DITOsaPusoKo video below:


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