Google Photos to Roll Out AI Editing Tools To Everyone on May 15

If you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S23, or an OPPO Reno11 for AI-powered photo editing, Google announced that it will be offering its AI Editing tools on Google Photos to all Android and iOS users starting May 15. Some of these AI Editing tools include Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light. Aside […]

Google Bard is Now Gemini; Paid Version has Better AI Features

Roughly a year after Google Bard is made available to the Philippines, Google has decided to give its Chat GPT rival a makeover by formally calling it Gemini. Its similar to how Microsoft has decided to rebrand all of its AI-powered features to Copilot. READ MORE: Microsoft Pushes Copilot Branding for its AI Dreams Google […]

Google Shares 8 Ways to Keep Your Online Data Safe

February 6 is known as Safer Internet Day, and Google commemorates the occasion by giving a breakdown on online security trends and tips on how they make their users’ data safe from any scams or breaches. During its Safer Internet Day 2024 presentation at its office in BGC, Google shared that Filipinos have been using […]

Google Bard Can Now Generate AI Photos

Google is pushing out its most important Bard update yet – the ability to generate an AI photo. The search company has officially announced that its own chat-based AI tool is now able to generate images from text prompts, finally joining the likes of what Bing can do with Microsoft’s Co-pilot. Read more Google Challenges […]

How to Recover Your Hacked Google Account

A Google account nowadays is worth its weight in gold in the dark web, as your typical Android user usually has several services and passwords tied to it at any given time. That’s why recovering it from a hack is so important, as your primary Google account and email are usually tied to your banking […]

Google Challenges Chat GPT with Gemini AI Model

If Bard is not enough to challenge ChatGPT in its dominance in the AI field, Google introduces Gemini, which claims to be its largest multimodal AI model to date. Made in collaboration with DeepMind and other Google teams, Gemini aims to seamlessly understand and process diverse types of information, including text, code, audio, image, and […]

Fortnite Developer Claims Victory Against Google

Fortnite developer Epic Games gained an important win, as it claimed victory against Google for its alleged monopoly with its Play Store. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is ecstatic with the win, posting on Twitter/X that he’s thanking “everyone’s support and faith”. “(Today’s verdict) proves that Google’s app store practices are illegal and they abuse […]

Apple Finally Succumbs to Google’s RCS Appeal

After years of Google persuading Apple to use the RCS (Rich Communications Service) standard, Apple has finally announced that it will adopt the messaging standard soon. Apple said that it will roll out an update in 2024 across all its devices, where it aims to bring iMessage features to messaging between iPhone and Android users. […]

Smart Partners with Google Cloud for Personalized Digital Services

Smart announced its partnership with Google Cloud on October 25 to improve the accessibility of essential digital services for Filipinos, with Searce providing technical implementation support. With this collaboration, Smart will be the first communication services providers (CSPs) in the Asia Pacific region to adopt Telecom Subscriber Insights, Google Cloud’s AI-powered solution that ingests data […]

Google Maps Gets Supercharged by AI: Our 5 Favorite Updates

it’s no secret that Google is going all-in with AI, as evident with the launch of its Pixel 8 series in the US. The tech giant is exploring all the possibilities of AI, so Google Maps gets a number of updates that utilize it. We attended their online roundtable to learn more about these AI-powered […]

Google Pixel 8 And Pixel 8 Pro: All-in On AI

Google is leaning into its AI capabilities for its new Pixel 8 phones, stuffing both the vanilla model and Pro flagship with nifty AI tricks that spruce up both photos and video. Unfortunately, just like the devices before it, the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will likely not arrive in the Philippines, which […]

Google Beats Apple in Software Updates with the Pixel 8 Series

While the Pixel 8 series is Google’s worst-kept secret, the tech giant still has one big surprise for everyone, and it involves software updates. Beating what Samsung and even Apple currently have to offer for their devices, Google announced that both the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will get 7 years of software updates. That […]