Google Bard is Now Gemini; Paid Version has Better AI Features

Google Bard is Now Gemini; Paid Version has Better AI Features

Roughly a year after Google Bard is made available to the Philippines, Google has decided to give its Chat GPT rival a makeover by formally calling it Gemini. Its similar to how Microsoft has decided to rebrand all of its AI-powered features to Copilot.


Beyond the Bard rebranding, Google Gemini is using the Gemini Pro 1.0 model, which is more powerful than Bard’s language model. Gemini (aka the chatbot formerly known as Bard) is available in over 230 countries and in over 40 languages. Gemini has both a web client and a dedicated app for both Android and iOS.

Gemini is also multi-model, which also allows it to generate an image or understand photos as prompts.

Similar to both Copilot and ChatGPT, Google is offering a paid version called Gemini Advanced, which is based on Gemini Ultra 1.0. It is priced at Php 1,100 a month and includes 2TB of cloud storage and other Google One benefits like enhanced Meet and Calendar features, more editing features in Google Photos, and being able to monitor the dark web.

With Gemini Advanced, Google plans to port Gemini features to GMail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Meet in its bid to give Microsoft’s Copilot a run for its money. Being double the price of the 2TB Google One plan, it remains to be seen if subscribers will be getting their money’s worth with the Gemini Advance subscription.

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