Google Photos to Roll Out AI Editing Tools To Everyone on May 15

Google Photos to Roll Out AI Editing Tools To Everyone on May 15

If you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S23, or an OPPO Reno11 for AI-powered photo editing, Google announced that it will be offering its AI Editing tools on Google Photos to all Android and iOS users starting May 15. Some of these AI Editing tools include Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light.

Aside from Android and iOS devices, these AI editing tools from Google Photos will also be made available to Pixel Tablets as well.


Aside from these AI Editing tools, Google is going to make Magic Editor available to Android and iOS users. There’s a catch, however: users are only allowed to have 10 Magic Editor saves a month unless they are using a Pixel device or are subscribed to at least the 2TB Premium Google One Plan, which is priced at Php 479 a month.

What makes Magic Editor from the AI Editing tools that will be offered to all Google Photos users is that the former makes extensive use of generative AI to do complex photo edits “with simple and intuitive actions”. These include repositioning the subject in the frame and transforming the sky from gray to blue. Magic Editor made its debut with the Pixel 8 series, and giving limited access to all users is the closet thing for people to experience Google’s generative AI powers when it comes to photo editing.

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