Huawei Watch Fit 3 Now Available in the Philippines

After it was announced globally in Dubai together with other Huawei products, the brand confirmed that the Watch Fit 3 will be made available in the Philippines as its latest wearable offering. To recap, the Watch Fit 3 is bigger than its predecessor with its 1.82-inch square display that has a quad-curve design for a […]

Huawei Debuts Watch Fit 3 with Square Body and Rotating Crown

As one of the leaders in wearables, Huawei adds a new model to its expanding portfolio with the Watch Fit 3. Announced globally in Dubai, the Watch Fit 3. Compared to its predecessor, the Watch Fit 3 features a bigger 1.82-inch square display with a quad-curve design for a bezel-less look. The display has a […]

DITO Announces Level-Up Meta Data Promos

Aside from revealing Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera as their latest endorsers for their #DITOSaPusoKo campaign, DITO also revealed their new Level-Up Meta data promos, which cater to those using apps like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Threads. The Level-Up Meta data promos starts as low as Php 20 for 1 day, where you get […]

Iwas Budol at Scam: How to Stay Safe Online

Protecting your accounts online is now just as important as loving someone. In today’s digital age, you can say goodbye to years of posts and messages, or your money at worst, with a simple click to a phishing website or connecting to an unsecured connection, to name a few. We list down top tips for […]

Facebook Log Out Philippines: Major Outage In Facebook Have Users Getting Logged Out

Facebook is having a major log out problem in the Philippines today. with users reporting getting logged out of their accounts on their phones and devices despite not doing anything. We’re part of the affected user base as Facebook logged us out of our account despite not doing anything. Read more How To Turn Off […]

Google Challenges Chat GPT with Gemini AI Model

If Bard is not enough to challenge ChatGPT in its dominance in the AI field, Google introduces Gemini, which claims to be its largest multimodal AI model to date. Made in collaboration with DeepMind and other Google teams, Gemini aims to seamlessly understand and process diverse types of information, including text, code, audio, image, and […]

Nothing Brings iMessage to Android

Despite Google’s numerous calls for Apple to adopt Rich Communication Service (RCS), the latter’s iMessage platform continues to cause fragmentation with messaging. Nothing thinks that Android phones can have access to iMessage, which is why it is bringing its Chats platform to the Phone (2). Nothing brags that its Chats messaging app is the first […]

Huawei Watch GT 4 Series Now Available in the Philippines

Huawei officially kicks off the sale of its stylish Watch GT 4 series in the Philippines. The Watch GT 4 starts at just Php 12,999 for the black rubber strap version in both 41mm and 46mm variants. To recap, the 46mm variant features a sports watch-like design with its engraved bezel that can suit casual to […]

TNT makes Facebook Access Affordable with FB Chat 50

TNT is making access to Meta platforms like Facebook more affordable with FB Chat 50. TNT’s latest prepaid promo comes with 3.5 GB of data that’s valid for 7 days. The promo gives subscribers around 500MB of data to access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger so that they can still be connected to their friends […]

Huawei’s Stylish Watch GT 4 Starts at Php 13k

The Watch GT 4 series is now in the Philippines, and both the 41mm and 46mm versions are some of the best-looking smartwatches in the market. Huawei knows how to make stylish smartwatches, and even prices them well with a a Php 12,999 starting price for the black rubber strap version in both 41mm and […]

The Nokia 800 Tough is the 3310 We All Want

While smartphones are far from the indestructible nature of legendary phones like the Nokia 3310, HMD Global is banking on the indestructible phone idea once again. No, we’re not referring to the new version of the Nokia 3310–we’re referring instead to the 800 Tough. This near-indestructible feature phone was recently spotted at Nokia’s official Shopee […]

Huawei Watch GT4 Series Announced in 41mm and 46mm Models

In its launch in Barcelona on September 14, Huawei unveiled the Watch GT4 series in 41mm and 46mm models. There’s no Pro variant in the meantime, so Huawei might announce that later. While both Watch GT4 models have the same starting price at 250 Euros, they differ in design. The 41mm has a “pendant” design […]