Galaxy Z Fold Series Gets New Optimized Instagram UI

Galaxy Z Fold Series Gets New Optimized Instagram UI

Given the unusual aspect ratio of the Galaxy Z Fold series, it’s going to be a challenge to optimize apps on its display properly. The only way to make that possible is if the app developer is willing to dedicate resources for it–which is the case with Instagram, as they are rolling up an updated UI that’s optimized for Galaxy Z Fold devices. 

Currently available on the Galaxy Z Fold5, the new Instagram UI of the foldable’s near-square aspect ratio. As SamMobile notes, the updated Instagram UI has navigation buttons laced on the left side of the screen, while the feed shows bigger images and videos to fill up the display. For Reels, likes, comments, and shares are on the right side of the video, while you get vertical bars on either side of the video.

Given the changes Instagram made to keep its app optimized for the Galaxy Z Fold5, older Galaxy Z Fold phones are expected to get the same update in the coming weeks. Making this interesting is that Meta (who owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) has been working on making its apps optimized for Android tablets and WearOS smartwatches while leaving Apple tablets and smartwatches in the dark–for one, WhatsApp has a WearOS app but no WatchOS equivalent. 

Meta’s efforts in optimizing its apps for tablets and foldables are a result of Android 12L, where Google promises to bring in more apps that are optimized for bigger screens. Samsung has a number of its first-party apps optimized for foldables and tablets with its multi-pane layout, and third-party apps are following suit. 

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