5 Alternatives to Uber Now That They’re Suspended

by Carlo Ople  August 15, 2017

What now?

3 Alternatives to Uber

Yesterday the LTFRB announced that they were suspending Uber for 1 month. Earlier this morning Uber complied and tweeted that they are suspending services as of 6:00AM. While this sucks, we need to still move all over the city to make a living. Here are some alternatives that you might want to consider for the next 30 days.

Call Taxis for Pick Ups and Reservations

It’s probably been a loooong time since you needed to call a landline number but today is a good day to start doing so again. You can call taxi companies for reservations and pick ups. We were doing this quite often before the ride sharing boom and while it wasn’t 100% effective (especially during rush hours), it was still better than just standing outside waiting for a taxi to pass by and not negotiate with us on the fare.

You can find the number of BASIC taxi above. Here’s an article that we found that has the phone numbers of other taxi companies (as of 2015, we’re not sure if all are still operating).

Try to get a Grab

You might not know this but Grab wasn’t suspended. They’re still operating BUT based on what we’ve been seeing on Twitter and Facebook, it’s difficult to book a ride with them today. That’s probably due to the lack of drivers vs the high demand of commuting riders. You might want to still give it a try though. We’d recommend you try to book prior to rush hour so you’re not up against everyone else trying to get a ride sharing service.

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P2P Bus

A good alternative is the Premium P2P Bus that’s been operating for a few years now. To get an idea of how awesome the P2P bus is, check out this video done by a fellow gadget blogger here in the Philippines, Gadget Addict:

For the list of routes, click here to research.

Wunder Carpool

Uber and Grab are not the only ride-sharing applications in town. Another alternative that you might want to consider is Wunder Carpool. As the name implies, it’s a carpool service more than dedicated drivers ala Uber. We’ve embedded their info video above for your information if you want to give them a try.


If you wanna rough it out, go for Angkas. They’re basically the Uber for motorbikes. They’re affordable and fast but you do get exposed to the hazards of the city while you’re on the road. You can read more about them here.

And that’s it. Good luck for the next 30 days guys. If you have any other suggestions, let us know in the comments section below.

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